Monday, October 24, 2011

Mists Of Pandaria To Add Companion Pet Battles

Mists of Pandaria and Blizzcon

Last week we saw a plethora of new ideas being released at Blizzard's annual convention, Blizzcon.  One of the major announcements at the 2011 Blizzcon included the new WoW expansion, Mists of Pandaria.  Along with a new player race, the Pandarian, and the new player class, the Monk, we got word of yet another talent redesign, which looks pretty lame in my opinion.  We also heard of the plan for Battle Pets, or companion pet (vanity pet) battles.  Just like with PTR data, the information and ideas that come out of Blizzard each year don't always make it to the live servers in World of Warcraft.  Remember the Path of the Titans?  Yup, that got scratched.  Hopefully we will be see the Battle Pets concepts added to World of Warcraft.

WoW Companion Pet Battles

Mists of Pandaria is planned to bring the companion pet battles to Azeroth with the next WoW expansion. The battle system sounds very similar to a Pokemon style pet battling system.  As gold makers in WoW, we are salivating at new possibilities to profit from the WoW Battle Pets system. Some of the ideas tossed around included:
  • Customizable Companion Pet Names
  • Possible Customization With Items
  • Fighting Pet Vs Pet In Arena Style Fights
  • Unique Abilities For Each Pet
  • New Rare World Drop Only Pets
Gold Making Implications Of A Companion Pet Battle System

As with any new addition, we golbins are always looking for new ideas to make gold in WoW and this Companion Pet Battle System could be very rewarding.  For starters, if you aren't already running a pet shop business in WoW, it's time to get started!  I recently expanded my pet selling business to include selling on the opposing factions auction house, where the profits are much higher than the neutral auction.  The Blizzcon announcement of the new Companion Pet Battle System, should help to spur even more players into collecting pets, which means be ready to meet their needs to make more gold in WoW. 

The possibility of the rare and unique pets having their own unique abilities could also lead players with all of the common pets to seek out more of the rarer pets, so if you have some of those rare pets or Argent Tournament Pets, now may be a great time to start unloading them.  Once we get a full resource detailing each of the companion pets special abilities, we will see the value of the various pets changing based on how much that pet will be useful for the companion pet battling.

If the ability to rename your pets comes from a player crafted item, like the current Hunter pet name change item, then the profession that crafts those name changing items will see some nice sales.  If pets can use an item or 2 we most likely will be seeing those pet items crafted by 1 or more WoW professions, which will be an all new market for us to experiment in come Mists of Pandaria.  At this point I recommend getting into the pet selling business if you haven't already and keep an eye out for more news on these other gold making possibilities coming in Mists of Pandaria.

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  1. I'm already saving the pets i have in the bank until it's close to release day. I have a feeling the prices will skyrocket and it will be a great way to make some gold. happy hunting!

  2. @Anon

    Good idea! Me Too. Truseilver Shafter Arrows, Sinister Squashlings, Winter's Veil Pets, and more. Wish I had more Lanterns from the Lunar Festival though.

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