Friday, October 28, 2011

Chest Farming In The HHM Queue During Hallow's End

Scarlet Monestary Graveyard Chest Locations
Happy Hallow's End Chest Farming Guide

It's Hallow's End still in World of Warcraft and as always we are busy killing the Headless Horseman in an attempt to get some rings for our alts, the nice plate HHM helm for Transmogrifying, Tricky Treats for acheivements, or the awesome Headless Horseman Mount.  Just like with the Coren Direbrew Large Brilliant Shard farming strategy during Brewfest, we can take advantage of the Headless Horseman dungeon queue. 

When the Headless Horseman is dead, most players will just leave the queue and go on with whatever they have planned.  I am almost always the last one left in the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard once the Headless Horseman is no more.  These players are leaving the instance before taking advantage of the instant port inside the Scarelt Monastery Graveyard.  It's the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard where there are always 1 or 2 Chests.  Wait for the others to drop the group before opening, so you can ninja the chest contents all for yourself.

Chest One

In the image above, I have marked in Red the possible locations of the 2 chests within the SM-G instance.  Once the HHM is dead and everyone leaves, I make sure to check both locations.  The chest up towards the front of the instance is always there, sometimes it is locked.  Just backtrack towards the front of the instance and do a U-turn to the right once you enter the torture area.  The chest is always located there around the corner to the right. 

Chest Two

The 2nd chest is one that may or not spawn in the HHM instance you create.  It is located down the crypt at the back end of the instance.  Just head down towards where the SM-G end boss would normaly be located.  If the 2nd chest spawns, it will be on the last level (on the left side) before hitting the bottom of the crypt.  This chest can also be locked, but often is unlocked.

Why bother checking these Chests?
  1. Blue Gear - some great twink items can come out of these.
  2. Recipes - often times you can find a recipe to flip for a nice chunk of gold.
  3. Green Gear - much of the gear in the chests is level 28 and 29, which is perfect for selling to twinks.
  4. Raw Materials - Cloth, Ore, Bars, etc.
This year I have found a River Pride Choker (+4 Str / +9 Sta lvl 28 blue neckpiece), which is a BiS for some Twinks, and a couple of +9 Str / +9 Sta level 29 Green Mail Leggings, which are also good sellers for melee dps twinks.  I also have found some low level recipes and plenty of raw materials and vendor trash, not to mention the coin inside the chests.

So take advantage of another holiday boss port and spend an extra couple of minutes and check those Scarlet Monastery chests.  You may find something well worth your while too.  Remember to bring engineering seaforiums, blacksmithing keys, or a rogue to open the chests in case you get the locked chests in your instance.

Anyone else found anything of value from these chests?

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  1. You missed 4 other possible spawn points for the chest/chests.
    They are in the center top tan spot one left one right and the center bottom tan spot one left one right.

  2. I've seen 4 spawn points total, so you missed 2 locations. Added them for you!

  3. Aye! thanks guys! I have yet to see any chests this Hallow's End except for the 2 mentioned. those spawn so few times, I forgot to mention them. Thanks for the save.

  4. Hi
    I tried this tip and the first day I could not find any chests...but today I did find them both and was able to open one of them. I got 2 blues, low level but will see how they do on the AH. Great tip! Thanks!

  5. The other 2 chests are starting to appear more, although the 4th chest I've only seen 1 time on all characters this Hallow's End.

    I got 5 Squashlings today too, so saving them for sure.

    I snagged another Blue - Holy Shroud out of a chest last night.


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