Tuesday, October 4, 2011

WoW Patch 4.3 Brings Tradeable Chaos Orbs

Chaos Orb Will No Longer Bind On Pick-Up

Chaos Orbs Will No Longer Be Soulbound In Patch 4.3

 Source:  www.mmo-champion.com/content/2485-Chaos-Orbs-in-patch-4.3

That's right!  It's finally going to happen.  Chaos Orbs will no longer be soulbound to your character.   This is one of the upcoming changes in WoW Patch 4.3 that has been confirmed by a blue post.  Head over to the mmo-champion link to see for yourself. 
  • Chaos Orbs Will No Longer Be Soulbound
  • Anyone In The Group Gets A Chance To Roll On The Chaos Orbs
  • Chaos Orbs Will Be Tradeable
  • You Will Be Able To Buy Chaos Orbs On The Auction House
The Positive And Negative Effects Of Tradable Chaos Orbs

This change to Chaos Orbs is both good and bad news depending on how you currently use and value your Chaos Orbs.

Positive Effects Of Chaos Orbs Being Tradable
  • You will be able to buy Chaos Orbs on the auction house.
  • A new market will exist for flipping Chaos Orbs for profit.
  • Chaos Orbs may be headed to a Justice Point vendor soon as well.
  • The Dreamcloth alternative Dream of Destruction may be another viable source for Dreamcloth.
  • Crafted epic gear will be more readily available.
  • You will no longer be required to run Heroic dungeons to get your own Chaos Orbs.
  • You can farm orbs on your main or any other dungeoning character and just mail them to your crafters.
  • Crafters will no longer have to choose between sinking their chaos orbs or barking their Chaos Orb craftables.

Negative Effects Of Chaos Orbs Being Tradable
  • Everyone in the Heroic dungeon group will be allowed to roll on Chaos Orbs that drop off of bosses.  This drops your chance of winning a Chaos Orb to 20% per dungeon.
  • The sale price of craftable epic gear will drop as the Chaos Orbs become easily available.
  • Barking how many orbs you have and what you will sell them for as materials in your crafting recipes will become less profitable.
  • The value of a chaos orb will drop even further.
Anyone else have any thoughts on the positive and negative effects of making Chaos Orbs tradeable in Patch 4.3?

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  1. Finally.
    The WoW Gods have answered my prayers.

  2. I expect the price of Chaos Orbs to drop for like 50-100g. I saw their prices at and above 800-1000g at the beginning of patch 4.2. These prices were ridiculously high, I've made a lots of profit by negotiating for lower price (I could sometimes talk the price down to 1-2-300g), making the working costs of (for example) the Masterwork Elementium Deathblade like 5-6k gold - sold it for 10-12k, almost doubleing my money with each sword sold. What will happen to these businesses of mine? Nothing. Business is always volatile, there's a lot of room for profit: with the Chaos Orbs being BoE in 4.3, I can make even more swords and I only have to tip the Blacksmith 100-200g (or level an own BS) and I will sell them for material price + 10-20%, not more. What if this won't be profitable? I will sell the Chaos Orbs themselves. Leatherworkes, Blacksmiths and basicly everyone else will want them - and also farm them! I would say, don't miss the first wave of Chaos Orb-wanters, especially if you have a tanking or healing toon: offer tanking or healing services for a small, but resonable price, like 100-200g and tell them, you won't roll on the Chaos Orb. This way you will have your work fee, plus the gold that drops in the dungeon and some green, blue items for vendoring or disenchanting and a chance for another Maestrom Crystal. In total you can end up with like 300g for a 30mins run. Choose specific Cataclysm Heroic and just Random Heroic, so you won't end up in Stonecore, with 3 newbies, who wipe you there for an hour.


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