Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Colored Shirts Market & A Reader Response

Colored Shirts For Sale
Reader Response

In response to yesterday's post on Setting Your Own Market Prices In An Empty Market, one of the subscribers to the Gold Tips Newsletter sent in the following email.  I would like to share it with you today.

Well Written!!!!

Scottie this is fantastic!

BTW - I am a bit of a greedy goblin. There are 3 other Rich Purple Silk Shirt players on the Jubei auction house market and they insist on putting their shirts on at 30 gold each. I tend to buy them out and bark:

“Are you sure you are [Epic] ? What colour is your shirt?? [Rich Purple Shirts] to complete the set. AH NOW!!”

And I manage to sell 3 or so at 180 gold each, but I do end up with a bit of a monopoly over the market and a stack of pre-made Rich Purple Silk Shirts.

I also have had fantastic luck, as Mageweave is really cheap on our server.  I get some Lavander shirts, pink shirts, as well as the formal shirts at 5 gold per, and they are my main bread and butter from shirt sales.

Funnily though I make more money from my tailor than I do with my Jewelcrafter. That somehow feels wrong, but whatever gets the job done I guess.

All the best mate and God Bless!

Kind Regards,

John Vergara
Thanks for the submission John!  I love it when I get supportive email, but it's even cooler to see that readers are actually using some of the auction house tactics and WoW gold making tips that I provide here at Cold's Gold Factory.  It's nice to see that you have been barking items in trade chat as well.  Barking is a great way to increase your sales both on the WoW auction house and with direct player to player sales. 

The Colored Shirt Market and Transmogrification

John brings up a great niche market here that I predict is only going to become even more lucrative.  What market is that?  The Shirt market is a nice niche market right now, but I bet it will see a nice demand spike after Transmogrification (Mogging) comes to World of Warcraft in Patch 4.3.  Once Patch 4.3 drops and players are completing their gear sets to transmogrify, the last piece of the puzzle will be getting a Shirt that matches your chosen gear set. 

I'll use my goblin warrior twink, Goldgrub, as an example here.  Once Patch 4.3 brings Transmogrification into WoW and I have my twink gear set completed, I will be Mogging all of his armor to gold colored gear.  At that point I will probably want to change his shirt to something yellow to match the yellow / gold colored gear set.  Of course I will just make it myself, but most WoW players will turn to the auction house to find their gear matching colored shirts.  This should be an even better market than it is currently, thanks to the introduction of Transmogrification in Patch 4.3.
Keep an eye on the potential of the colored shirts market.

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