Saturday, October 29, 2011

BoE Sinister Squashling from Hallow's End?

WoW Sinister Squashling Tradeable Soon?

Sinister Squashling Is BoE On The WoW PTR

Jafo, who is one of the newer WoW gold bloggers who writes over at The Auction House Grind, has a post up with a new discovery from the World of Warcraft Public Test Realm (PTR):  Sinister Squashling Pet Is BoE.  Jafo found the Sinister Squashling to no longer be Bind-On-Pickup on the current PTR.  Hopefully this change makes it live with WoW Patch 4.3.  This news comes a little late for many of us, especially since we've already deleted a bunch of these companion pets this Hallow's End.  If you do happen to get yet another duplicate, don't delete it.  Save it in hopes of a future change in the bind status of the Sinister Squashling companion pet.  If these Sinister Squashlings become tradeable, they will be yet another option in the WoW companion pet selling business.

Remember, the PTR isn't gospel.  Although it's not much risk to save your extra Sinsiter Squashlings just in case they do become tradeable, take findings from the PTR with caution.  Hopefully, if these companion pets do become tradeable in WoW Patch 4.3 or later, Blizzard will retroactively change the bind status on the already looted Sinister Squashlings.  I believe that to be the most likely option, especially in the wake of the new Pokemon wanna-be Pet Battle Sytem coming in Mists of Pandaria.

Strategy For Selling Sinister Squashlings

If the Sinister Squashling becomes tradeable and sellable on the WoW auction house, you will need a strategy for selling your new companion pet.  If the change occurs in Patch 4.3, hold onto your Sinister Squashlings.  Most players already have a Sinister Squashling with the increased drop rate from the Loot-Filled Bags this Hallow's End.  Wait and sell the Sinister Squashling in a few months when others have already unloaded there companion pets for a lower price.  By waiting to sell, you should get a higher end sale price than if you were to sell closer to the Hallow's End holiday.

So remember not to delete any more Sinister Squashlings that you find while killing the Headless Horseman and farming the Scarlet Monastery chests this Hallow's End.

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  1. So what exactly is the point of this post? You're pretty much just making a whole post based off of something that someone else discovered.

    But btw, in MoP it sounds like pets will be shared across all characters so you better unload them before then.

  2. Why not wait and sell them to the brand new players that will come with the Pandarian Mists? They won't have any pets and won't be able to get a Squashling until the next Hallow's End. Probably sell for more than unloading them along with everyone else.

    The point of the post is to call to light a nice find by a fellow blogger and maybe expose a few more readers to his sight. K

  3. Interesting find, but odd. Considering you can buy these pets with candy. Might be hard to sell, I too have tossed 20 squashlings away this hallow's end. But seeing as the patch goes live after hallow's end, everyone has tossed their spare squaslings away already.

  4. Nice post as always Cold. Thank you for a good gold making tip

  5. Thanks for the Tip....I already Deleted so many of these but I just looted one today so I will save it! Keep up the good work I enjoy your tips :)
    Tabby AKA Kaahlan

  6. As soon as MoP arrives EVERY pet will be converted to those pokemon pets and will be tradeable. Doesn't matter if you already learned those or not

  7. I hadnt discovered this until Cold wrote about it. So thanks, Cold, and keep those great advices coming :D



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