Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Are You Catering To Shoppers Or Purchasers?

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Are You Catering To Shoppers Or Purchasers?

Remember there are different types of buyers on the World of Warcraft auction house, both shoppers and purchasers, and they buy items off of the auction house in different ways.  In short, purchasers buy the finished crafted products from the auction house, while shoppers buy the materials and have the item crafted for a tip or fee.  You can profit off of both shoppers and purchasers.

Walnut Stock Sold Incoming Mail

An example would be shown in the above image.  Not only do I sell the Patch 4.2 crafted Engineering epic gun, Extreme Impact Hole-Puncher, but I also sell the Hair Trigger and Walnut Stock on the auction house.  Why?  Well, Purchasers will go to the auction house and buy the epic engineering gun.  A Shopper will look for the materials and have it crafted in person to save some gold.  Usually a pre-crafted item already has some profit figured into the purchase price of the item.  By providing the materials themselves, a shopper can often save some gold on the purchase even with the fee or tip figured into the new cost.

What I have found is that these vendor bought items do sell on the auction house.  They are mostly likely sold to someone who found the materials listed in someone's Engineering profession link that was just shopping for all the required items via the auction house.  This buyer was probably also unaware that the items were available from a vendor or were too time consumed to gather the items themselves.  Either way, there is gold in flipping vendor items for those shoppers that gather all the materials from the auction house.

What other vendor items that have a sole use as a crafting material have you sold for a profit on the auction house?  And the Twilight Highlands Inscription vendor items don't count.  Think harder!


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  1. I like all the advertising in this thread...

    But on a more serious note: who goes to twilight highlands anymore? It's all in the Capitol cities.

  2. The Twilight Highlands Inscription materials have not been added to the major cities vendors. It was the only profession that didn't havwe the items moved to the main cities (because there are no trade-ins for recipes like all the other profession vendors).


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