Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Understanding The Pricing Of WoW Auction House Goods

Understanding The Pricing Of Auction House Goods
 How To Price Your Goods On The WoW Auction House

How you price your goods in World of Warcraft will serve to either help or hamper your ability to make gold in World of Warcraft.  Underprice your goods and you could be selling at a loss.  Overprice your goods and they may not sell at all.
  • Cost to Craft - The cost to craft includes the materials required to craft your item.
  • Minimum Profit - This is the minimum amount you are willing to make from providing your crafting service.
  • Price Range - The range at which the item will sell.  You set your Selling Threshold based on the lowest amount you will accept for your goods (Cost to Craft + Minimum Profit Desired) and you set the Fallback price to the highest you think you can sell the item for.
  • Overpriced - Pricing yourself out of the market by asking a price that outprices the item's demand.
Key Points:
  • You can improve profit by either lowering your Cost to Craft or increasing your Price Range.
  • There does exist a threshold for each item that is too costly and the item will not sell.
  • When setting your Fallback Price (the maximum price to charge), remember with no other sellers on the auction house, you still need competitive pricing or you will lose sales to guild crafters and players that make gold in WoW with tips or fees for crafting.
  • It takes time, practice, and patience to determine the best Fallback Price that brings in high profits and steady sales. 
  • You want to keep your Fallback Price as close to the Overpriced threshold without losing too many sales. 
Since you pricing choices will effect your bottom line profit, remember not to post your items too low or you will be working for peanuts.  Don't outprice your item's demand either, or you won't even make a sale.  Practice at finding the happy medium within the Price Range that works well for your server.

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  1. What about the competition on the auction house? For me, mostly the competition determines my selling price. If its not profitable for me then, I can choose to not participate, to reset the market or to give it up (like I did with the glyph market --> heavy competition, permanent undercutting and market saturation).


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