Thursday, June 16, 2011

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Contests and Giveaways

Right now there are a couple of great giveaways going on over at a pair of the top gold making resource sites.  Wes of Capped by Cata and Alto of Alto's Goldish Advise are both giving away some nice World of Warcraft swag.  Good things come in 3s, so I am adding a contest of my own.  Make sure to check out the links below and get your entries in before time expires.

Win a Winged Guardian (Flion)

My good buddy Wes (and co-host on the awesome Auction House Junkies Podcast) has just started a free daily gold tips newsletter over at Capped By Cata.  All you have to do to enter for your chance at the $25 new Blizzard store purchased mount is head over to Wes's site and sign up for his newsletter.  I myself use a newsletter here.  Newsletters are great for making sure you never miss a post.  They are even helpful for reading gold blog posts on your phone or your work email (If you can't read gold blogs at work).  Follow this link for more details on his contest and to sign up for Wes's newsletter.
Win a Winged Guardian Flying Mount

Win a Blizzard Authenticator

Another good bud of mine is in the giving spirit too.  Alto, author of the self proclaimed Best WoW Gold Guide Ever and co-host on the Addicted 2 Azeroth Podcast, is giving away a Blizzard World of Warcraft Authenticator.  All you have to do is follow the link below and leave a comment.  Hurry though, giveaway entries end this Sunday.
Phishing Scams and WoW Authenticator Giveaway

Win a Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery Gold Guide

Good things come in waves of 3, so I am adding a 3rd contest to the ones above.  My first World of Warcraft gold making guide, Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery, has been received well and is helping at least 52 buyers make gold selling my favorite Cataclysm craftable, Mysterious Fortune Cards.  So now I am going to give away 2 of these great WoW gold making guides to my faithful readers!

There are 2 ways to enter for your chance to win a Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery gold guide.  You can

  • Sign up for my newsletter.  Make sure to confirm the verification email that will be sent once you subscribe and add my email to your white list or contacts to assure you will be getting your posts delivered to your inbox.  Already enrolled in the newsletter?  Well, you're already entered!
  • Leave a comment on this page with an answer to this question, "What topic would you like to see covered in a blog post from the gold blogs?"  Topic ideas or direct questions either one are fine.  Try to be specific because other bloggers will check these comments for ideas to write about.  Coming up with a good topic, could find your name given credit in a future blog post either here or elsewhere.
Both the newsletter and the comments contest / giveaway will each award 1 winner.  So doing both gets you entered in each contest.  One winner will come from the newsletter and another will come from the comments.
Both the newsletter giveaway and the commenting giveaway will end at the end of the month and winners will be chosen at random and announced on July 1st. 

Don't forget to sign up for the Cold's Gold Factory Free Daily Gold Tips Newsletter and get my tips straight to your email inbox.  (Great for those of you who want to read at work, but have websense blocking your computer.)


  1. I'd like to see you cover world chests. Chests now have a very high chance, not quite 100%, of having at least one blue BoE item in them. I've only found one chest that didn't give me a blue, and I've found several that gave me two blues.

    They're also great for leveling since opening them provides experience roughly the same as a rare spawn of the zone's level.

    So I'd like to see someone post about chests. Where to find them, how to find them, etc.

  2. Ok. I'll bite and toss some ideas out there. I think some articles on cost/benefit analysis would be interesting. Maybe compare how much ore (or really anything you are farming) you can get in a location in an hour at the various mounts speeds. Faster will always mean more, but it could be interesting to see how much of a tangible difference it makes, and even a projection of when epic flight would become profitable should you buy it. Same to some extent could be done with the mammoth, although the times would tend to very so much by style of use and server.

    I also think an article on stat priorities based on cost. All classes have their priorities, but what stats cost the most/least? For instance it always seems that red gems are the most popular, so those stats may have a higher cost per point than other stats. With epic gems coming soon it could be neat to look at what stats cost the most to get. For instance, we could look at the difference in price for a blue gem and shinny new epic gem in a stat a player wants to hit a cap for. The purple would hit the cap, but with the blue they may need to keep eating a food to get the little extra buff to hit the cap. At what point does it become more economical to pony up the gold for the purple gem? Knowing that the point is 10 foods vs 100 would give us insight into the value of stats and what people are likely to go for and need. Reforgeing could be another example where knowing the value in gold for stats. Some of us, myself included may be inclined to favor reforgeing to the more costly stat and make up for the cheaper stat with the cheaper food as needed.

    With a better idea of the value of stats people could make better decision on gear, enchants, upgrades, etc. They could even look at the cost/benefit of various configurations of gear. Between enchants, gems, food, flasks, and reforgeing we have a lot of ways that we can customize our characters. Some stats/slots have more options than others. I’d love to be able to look at how much of a difference in price it is between the “best” set up and the second best. Does it end up costing $2k to get 100 more DPS or is it more like $300 for a 3,000 increase? It could help with marketing if we know the value of a given enchant. It could help us get a better idea of what things are likely to sell and not. We can look at how people value various stats.

    It could also be used to better set prices on new stuff when patches hit. If we know the value in gold of stats we can weight that factor in setting prices. If we can see that X piece of gear is on average and upgrade of Z, how much are people willing to spend on an upgrade of Z. Do the pros and cons of a new piece of gear mean that a different enchant/buff might become more valuable or desirable?

    I would love to see articles on strats used for alts. Where do you park them and why, what bank/mailbox/auctioneer do you use and why, is there a better path we could be using to save time. AKA I miss the old Stormwind camping spot with the interact macro. Le sigh.

    Another idea might be to look at what are common numbers of regents, esp at low levels. It might be more of a project, but having a data base that can show the most common number of bar Xs needed in BW recipes is 5 but in engineering it is 3 could help us offer more auctions tailored to meet demand. If leather Z tends to be used in stacks of 10 but leather Q tends to be in stacks of 3, than we should be posting more auctions with stacks of 10 Zs and 3 Qs. People are frequently willing to pay a premium to only get the amount of something they need, but I suspect many would also be willing pay more for the confidence of not having to buy multiple auctions. I suspect a rather large number of people would be pretty happy to just buy the one auction that is exactly what they need rather than look around for the best deal or have to buy 10 individual auctions.

  3. Cold, I'd like to see two posts. Potentially one could be a series of posts. First post that could be a one-off. How does one make gold as a late entry in to a market (jc or glyphs instantly come to mind). Second and potential series of posts. How does one make gold with mid level professions?


  4. How about what transferring an alt to another realm, it's risk, rewards and consequences?

  5. I'd like to have you answer this..

    How to make money using only the mobile auction house application!! Should get your creative juices flowing ;)

  6. A post 4.2 ore shuffle analysis would really be helpful as well.

  7. Personally I would like to see how to make gold with leatherworking. That's one of the only ones I don't really have much information on ow to make gold on

  8. I know the obvious pets for making gold with engineering as a profession, but I would like to see someone dig deep in the engineering profession to see how to make gold with engineering

  9. I would like to see a post about 4.2 ore shuffling as well, since all the gem cuts are getting nerfed

  10. I'd like to see more info on best practices for obtaining bottleneck enchanting resources, as in the crafting/DEing of Enchanted Thorium Blades. An examination of some of the ideal old-world and pre-cata enchants to focus on would be a nice accessory to that!

    On a related and cataclysmic note, Greater Celestial Essences are a troublesome beast since the best way I know of to get them is via Carnelian Spikes... but it's more profitable on my server to xmute my carnelian into rubies. Any ideas on other sources for GCE, short of scouring the AH for cheap greens to DE?


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