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Recap Of Popular May CGF Posts

Welcome Back!

Welcome to all of my new and returning readers!  Each month I do a recap of the month before and highlight 10 gold posts or gold guides that appeared during the previous month.  I highlight the top 5 most popular and the 5 with the most comments / best discussion.  Comments have been down a bit, since I turned off "anonymous" commenting, but the quality is still great.  It does save me having to delete some spam and helps keeps the idiots from commenting.  (No offense to any anon commentors that have a legit reason to be anonymous.)

WoW Gold Post And Guides Recap

Last month, we had a special announcement regarding the scandalous practices of Markco of JMTC that saw a lot of page views as well as comments.  More comments (71) than have ever been on a single post here at Cold's Gold Factory.  Neither traffic, nor comments were motivations for the post.  They were just a side-effect of the public service announcement. 
Most Popular Gold Posts From May
Gold Posts / Guides With The Most Discussion From May
  • Twilight Highlands Vendors Nerfed - Nearly all the exclusive vendors in the Twlight Highlands Cataclysm zone are no longer exclusive. Vendors selling the same recipes and cogwheels are now available in major cities. This means you can get the Cataclysm level high end crafting recipes at character level 75 now. Bummer.
  • Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery | WoW Gold Guide - This was the post I launched my WoW Gold Guide.  Take note.  This is in the Discussion Section of the Monthly Recap.  The comments section is a great journey and testimonial.
  • Realm Gold Add-On For WoW - This add-on spotlight was aimed at a nice little add-on I enjoy using - Realm Gold.  Adds up the total gold on all of my characters.  Love It.
  • Forged Documents Dailies For Gold - The cost to craft has been lowered, thus making these profitable to craft.  Only can make one per day though.
  • Bank Item Decay and Banking Neglect - Are You Neglecting Your Banks?  Is it a Stockpile or Are You A Hoarder?
So dig in and enjoy.  Get caught up, if you're new. 
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