Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cataclysm Jewelcrafting Daily Quest Bonus

Supplying Cataclysm Jewelcrafting Dailies

The Shuffling of Obsidium Ores leads to a mass quantity of uncut raw uncommon Cataclysm gems.  These gems can be used to craft jewelry for disenchanting, can be used to transmute rare gems with the help of a transmutation specialization Alchemist, or one of the other many avenues that lead to profit.  One of the easiest as most reliable options is to sell the gems needed for the Jewelcrafting Daily quests on the day of the quest.

The 3 Jewelcrafting Dailies To Profit From

Gem Auction Durations

One thing that I find odd is that the majority of players will only put their gems for the JC dailies up for 12 hour durations, maybe a 24 hour duration if posted very early in the morning.  I'm assuming that players believe their gems will be undercut before they sell, so they save the auction house deposit costs by using the shorter auction duration.  They also are listing with the shorter duration because each day the Jewelcrafting Daily Quest changes at midnight.  So there is no point to posting your gems for jewelcrafting quests longer than 24 hours.  Or is there?

There are 5 Cataclysm Jewelcrafting Daily Quests, but only 3 of them require the uncommon Cataclysm gems.  The days these are great for unloading a nice volume of uncut gems for nice prices, but why only post for 12-24 hours?  There are reasons that you should be allowing some of those stacks of gems to overlap into the next day.

Reasons You Should Post The JC Daily Gems For Longer Durations
  • Stragglers - Some people will forget to do their quest even though they already picked it up.  so they will be completing yesterday's JC quest today.
  • Leveling Jewelcrafters - Nightstone is a decent seller on most days as it is one of the first required to level the profession.  Other gems are used by levelers and other crafters.
  • Back-To-Back Quest Days - The same quest will show up on consecutive days.  By the 2nd day in a  row, a lot of the gems have been sold and there are slim pickings left on the auction house.  The back to back sales days help to dry up some of the competitor's stock and also help to increase the value.
For these reasons you may want to consider adjusting your post times a little longer.  I tend to make a nice chunk of sales for the gems from the previous days quests and make an absolute killing when the quests run back to back.

Last week on my server saw the Nibbler No! quest 5 days in a row, and 6 of the 7 days of the week were this same quest.  Talk about clearing out some back stock of Zephyrites for hefty prices!


  1. This method doesn't work that well on my server. Too many JC's shuffle ore and have a stockpile of their own for the dailies. You are just donating money to the AH in the form of deposits. After 4.2 when they nerf the uncut common prices for Cata gems, this will become more viable way to dispose of excess zephyrite. Until then, I will just vendor them.

  2. This is a interesting idea that I hope works well for some. They could unload at least 5-8 stacks or so before the competition comes in (that's my experience). After 4.2? I see a cut/vendor routine coming back although not nearly as profitable as it used to be. Just part of the game.


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