Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Do You Have The WoW Pre-Patch Blues?

The Pre-Patch Slump

It's another slumping time of year again in WoW.  Tons of new games have been released recently, new betas have opened up, and a lot of players are checking out new games and just moonlighting in World of Warcraft.  WoW overall is still seeing a decline in subscriptions.  Patch 4.3 is just around the corner and lately there has been a slump in sales across many markets, specifically the high end item enchancement markets.  Gear upgrades?  Why upgrade your gear or add enchancements to gear, when the new Patch is looming with new dungeons and raids that drop higher item level gear? 

Right now I am tending to sell more goods to thriftier players.  Who needs the best gem or enchant, when its going to be replaced in a few weeks anyway?  Goods for alts leveling professions or gearing up for the new dungeons have been selling decently as well.  Many high end markets are currently selling for much lower than the same items will sell for once Patch 4.3 drops, so be careful.  Don't sell too many items for cheaper now, that you could sell for more after the patch.  You don't want to be that guy kicking yourself when those cut Inferno Rubies you sold for under 80 gold this week are fetching over 200 gold each in Patch 4.3.

Now is the time to start stockpiling for Patch 4.3.  You can stock up on the items and raw materials that are dropping in price during this lull.  Those items and raw crafting materials will be seeking a nice spike in demand after Patch 4.3  So stock up now and you will be locked in with a cheaper crafting cost than anymore who didn't prepare and i stuck crafting from the materials on the auction house.

Plan Ahead, Don't Sell For Too Cheap, & Stockpile For Patch 4.3

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