Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Savage Leather, Pristine Hide, & Epic LW Leg Armors

Epic Cataclysm LW Leg Armors
525 Leather Working Profession Finally!

So I finally got around to getting my leather worker to maximum skill 525 Leatherworking.  What took me so long?  My leatherworker is not a skinner, so I have to buy all of my Savage Leather or farm it on an Ideal Alt with skinning.  The prices of Savage Leather have been outrageous the entire Cataclysm expansion, commonly over 100 gold per stack.  I have been monitoring the Savage Leather prices on the auction house for most of the expansion.  As prices would dip down, I would snatch the Savage Leather off the auction house and use it for leveling my Leatherworking profession.  Now that the Savage Leather prices are trending downward and the prices of Volatile Fire and Volatile Earth have crashed, I wanted to push to maxing my LW skill to start focusing on some of the now more viable gold making options in Leatherworking.

Last night I finally found a nice supply of Savage Leather at 50 gold per stack.  The server average is 72 gold per stack of 20 Savage Leather, so I snatch up every single piece off of the auction house leaving it completely empty of Savage Leather.  I had only purchased 1 or 2 patterns with the Heavy Savage Leather exchange as required for leveling to 525 because I already had an idea in mind for making gold in WoW once I hit the 525 Leather working skill cap.  I was going to start off selling epic Leatherworking Leg Armors.  There appears to be little competition in this Epic Leg Armor market as the gold profits are already rolling in.  I sold all 6 of the various Epic Leg Armors that I crafted on the first night just to test the waters.  Now it is time to set up another extension of my gold making factory.  I hope to find a supplier of Savage Leather outside of the auction house. 

Cataclysm Epic Leg Armors

The 3 Cataclysm Leatherworking crafted Epic Leg Armors and their materials are:
  1. Drakehide Leg Armor (+145 Sta / +55 Dodge) - 1 Pristine Hide + 20 Volatile Earth
  2. Charscale Leg Armor (+145 Sta / +55 Agi) - 1 Pristine Hide + 20 Volatile Fire
  3. Dragonscale Leg Armor (+190 AP / +55 Crit) - 1 Pristine Hide + 20 Blackened Dragonscale
Things to watch for on the AH and snatch when cheap are:
  • Savage Leather
  • Savage Leather Scraps (if the conversion price is cheaper than buying the leathers)
  • Volatile Earth
  • Volatile Fire
  • Blackened Dragonscale
  • Pristine Hide (only if the prices dip below the cost of 50 Savage Leathers or 10 Heavy Savage Leathers)
Even if you are not able to make gold in WoW by selling the epic leg armors, you can still profit from conversion exchanges.  The Pristine Hide can be obtained for 10 Heavy Savage Leather from the LW Supplies vendors in major cities.  Each single Heavy Savage Leather takes 5 Savage Leather, so 1 Pristine Hide is equal to 10 Heavy Savage Leather or 50 Savage Leather.  Therefore, if the price of 1 Pristine Hide is more than 2.5 stacks of Savage Leather, you can buy some Savage Leather to convert to Heavy Savage Leather and then trade for a Pristine Hide.  Currently on my server a Pristine Hide is selling for over 400 gold, while the 2.5 stacks of Savage Leather will cost around 150 gold.  That's a hefty potential gold profit just from doing a conversion and vendor trade. 

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  1. This leather "shuffle" has been my thing for the last few weeks and it's a good earner. The hides sell for 500g on my server with leather going for as little as 75g a stack and heavy leather randomly selling around the 32 - 35g mark. Easy money for a little conversion (but beaten by someone posting 27 hides individually @ 325g each yesterday - snatched!).

    If things are a little slow and you fancy a little grinding though, the yellow spiders at the Shadow Warden quest area are a great farm mob. The respawn rate and mob density is very high, combined with low hp pools and lots of non-skinners killing for the daily quest, you can expect 400-500 leather per hour up there.

    As a new reader - Nice Blog. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading over the last few days and listening to the AHJ pod casts.

  2. @MW

    Thanks. Welcome to the blog. I'll have to check out the spiders with my skinner once I start her on the dailies there.


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