Monday, November 7, 2011

Use Trade Chat To Make Gold In WoW

Make Gold With Trade Chat Watching

The trade chat (/2) channel in World of Warcraft was designed for players to have a place to hawk their wares.  Trade chat is also where you can seek goods or services in addition to the WoW auction house option.  Trade chat has degraded into a lot of garbage chit chat on most servers ranging from  spam to the typical Chuck Norris jokes, made famous in the now defunct Barrens Chat.  Trade chat is so bad sometimes that many WoW players ignore it altogether or have a blind eye for most trade chat messages.  If you are ignoring your WoW server's trade chat channel, then you are missing out on some nice and quick ways to make extra gold in WoW.

When dealing with trade chat bartering you will occasionally run into a player that knows his markets and his pricing, with a good intellegent expectation for the potential deal.  Oftens times though, you are going to be dealing with ignorant and uninformed players, or players that are desperate for specific items.  Sometimes you will see players searching for items that are available on the auction house already.  Sometimes they don't even understand how to search the auction house.  Other times, the item they are looking for is unavailable on the auction house, so they turn to trade chat to look for the item.  These are great times to take advantage of another players demand or desire for a specific item. 

Many of these deals I have found from trade chat clients end up being quite profitable because:
  • The buyer is willing to pay more to be finished and done with whatever task, quest, or goal they have.
  • The buyer is ignorant of the true value of the item.
  • The buyer is ignorant of another option for indirectly getting the same item from the auction house.
  • The buyer is unable to create the item themself.
Here are a few examples of some of the recent profitable deals I have worked from the WoW trade chat.  Remember these deals get even sweeter when you can avoid the auction house fees completely.
  1. Got a 20 gold tip for Sundering 1 Primal Fire into 10 Motes of Fire.
  2. Sold a buyer 2 Felsteel Bars for 150 gold.
  3. Sold a quest completer 1 Khorium Power Core and 1 Adamantite Frame for 400 gold.
  4. Sold 5 stacks of Cobalt Bars for 650 gold, when market value was 100 gold per stack.
Share your latest highway robberies from trade chat in the comments.

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  1. In my experience any trade chat seller that says, "PST with offers" isn't looking to sell at that moment. They're really looking for is a rough estimate of the highest value people in the trade channel will pay for it, so they know to price it higher than that on the auction house.

    So if someone says, "PST with offers" at the end of their ad, responding will only raise the eventual price when they do post it on the auction house.

  2. I sell with "PST with offers" as it gets buyers thinking about what they want to pay and a discussion. Unless someone is under material cost and unwilling to negotiate (which means they don't know what they're doing) then it'll usually wind up in a sale.


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