Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Diablo 3 Collector's Edition vs WoW Annual Pass

Diablo 3 Collector's Edition Contents

Diablo 3 Collector's Edition Pre-Orders Are Available
The option to reserve your Collector's Edition of Diablo 3 is now available. I bet they are going to be very limited, so act fast and pre-order your copy today.

What if you signed up for Blizzard's annual WoW pass to get a free digital copy of Diablo 3?

Blizzard has the rules of the WoW Annual Pass set to assist those that want to take advantage of the WoW Annual Pass benefits and still want to get the collector's edition of Diablo 3. You can get the free digital download version of Diablo 3. But if you add a Diablo 3 Collector's Edition to your account, Blizzard will credit your WoW account for 4 months extra game time (the $60 value of the Diablo 3 game). So just because you join the WoW Annual Pass, doesn't mean you have to double pay to get the Diablo 3 Collector's Edition. You will get that extra credit to your account as WoW game time. So a sweet deal just got even sweeter.

Diablo 3 Collector's Edition To Include:
  1. 208 Page Diablo 3 Art Book
  2. 24 Track Diablo 3 Soundtrack CD
  3. Diablo 3 DVD Documentary
  4. 4 GB USB Thumbdrive shaped like a Soulstone w/ Diablo 3 Skull Base
  5. Diablo 3 Full PC Game
  6. Diablo 2 and Lord of Destruction Expansion (On the Soulstone Thumbdrive)
  7. Diablo 3 In Game Cosmetic Bonuses: Glowing Angel Wings, Armor Dye, In Game Banner
  8. WoW Companion Pet Code: Fetish Shaman
  9. Starcraft 2 Unit Decals and Battlenet Portraits
Pre Order: Diablo III: Collector's Edition

Pre-Order: Diablo III

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