Thursday, November 24, 2011

Inferno Ruby Action | What A Steal From Trade Chat

You Have Inferno Rubies For Sale?

The Inferno Ruby Plan

Last night I got a great deal from someone advertising his goods in the trade chat channel.  I always like to look for deals or business in the trade chat channel to make even more gold in WoW.  It doesn't take much effort to monitor the trade chat channel while doing my normal auction routines.  Sometimes in trade you can find a great price or find a supplier for your gold making factory.

Some of the items I am stocking up for WoW Patch 4.3 gold making are the rare red gems (Inferno Rubies) and the big 3 red gem cuts (+Agi, +Int, +Str).  The demand for the gems should explode when Patch 4.3 drops and all of the new gear upgrades start to pour into your server.  With the current pre-patch slump in WoW, sales just aren't coming in as quickly or consistently as the prior weeks.  The cut Inferno Rubies on my server are sitting around 125-150 gold currently.  On reset days, the price can rise up to 200+ per cut and sometimes I make sales as high as 225-250 gold for a single Inferno Ruby cut.  I expect 200+ or higher prices when Patch 4.3 releases.  So you can image my excitement when I saw the following in trade chat last night:
"Selling Bold Inferno Ruby & Brilliant Inferno Ruby 100 gold each."
I've already been buying up gems that get under 125 gold on the auction house.  I've been stocking up on some Inferno Rubies and cut ones as well to get ready for the demand spike in Patch 4.3.  So I quickly contacted the seller and asked how many gems he had for sale.  He responded back tell me "as many as you need."  Ok, great!  So i put in an order for 1000, which was met with a gasp.  "I don't have that many.  Maybe more like 50 or so."  Hahaha.  Ok, little guppie.

The Inferno Ruby Deal

I end up working out a deal to have him cut the rest of the Inferno Rubies he has on him, bringing the total to 60 Bold Inferno Rubies.  So at 100 gold per Inferno Ruby, as stated in his trade chat advertisement, that would bring the total cost to 6000 gold.  I ask for a bulk discount since I am going to be buying him out of his for sale stock of cut red gems.  I'm thinking 5.5k (500 off) would be a nice bulk price discount for saving him the trouble of selling the rest.  He responds back with 3.5k gold for all 60 Bold Inferno Rubies.  Oh WoW!  What a crazy bulk discount, that's almost half off!  So I buy the 60 Bolds for 3.5k gold, which equates to under 59 gold per gem.  Remember, they are currently selling for around 150 gold.  I go ahead and buy all 20 Brilliants Inferno Rubies as well, for a total of 1.2k, another great deal.

I quickly try to get this guy hired and constantly sending me cut gems COD, but he replies with, "I think that's all I should sell you, since I hear the might be used in the next patch."  "Plus I'm tired of farming."

I'll check back in a day or two and see if he's hungry for some more quick gem sales.

Moral of the Story:  Don't write off all of trade chat.  You never know when you will find a great deal you otherwise would have ignored.

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  1. *write, don't write off all of trade chat :P

  2. lol


    This new iphone autocorrect is rubbing off on me in posts too. geez great

  3. Sometimes the best deal come to you, you do not have to look for them, and information is power, he knows something will happen in 4.3 but didn't check out what and "lost" possible income.
    But still he is probably happy whit the 3.5k you trade him for the gems.

  4. Hmm, still no word on the epic transmute materials?

  5. @Kuja

    Kuja, you bum! When are you going to get on twitter with the rest of us? We've been talking about that all day.

    Still no data on where the transmute recipes come from or what the materials will be.

    At this point, who knows if they will even make it into the game, since Patch is tommorrow and we have no idea still.

    At this point they could be:

    Learned From Discoveries
    Raid Drops Only
    Not Coming At All
    Rewards For A Faction We Don't Know Of Yet (Possibly related to raid vendor and reputation grind)


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