Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Paying For WoW Annual Pass With Diablo 3 And Paypal?

WoW Annual Pass Payments (Click to enlarge)

WoW Annual Pass And Diablo 3 - The Catch With Paypal

WoW Annual Pass

The WoW Annual Pass is a great offer designed to help save subscriptions for Blizzard.  The WoW Annual Pass also is a great reward to the World of Warcraft players that commit.  A Free copy of Diablo 3, A WoW  in game mount, and Mists of Pandaria beta access are offered by Blizzard just for committing to WoW for a single year.

Diablo 3

Diablo 3, which is being offered for free in the WoW Annual Pass, is being released with a dual auction house system.  This system will allow Diablo 3 players to sell items, gear, and characters for real money.  Diablo 3 will have an in-game auction house where you buy items for gold.  Diablo 3 will also have the Real Money Transaction (RMT) auction house where you buy items with real world cash.

Players who get real cash payments will have 2 choices.  They can deposit the cash into a Battlenet account (with an e-balance) or a cash out account.  The e-balance account can be used to purchase Blizzard products like WoW subscriptions, in-game pets, items from the Diablo 3 RMT auction house, etc.  Blizzard will be making money from the set fees to list on the Diablo 3 auction house and Blizzard is also taking a percentage of the end sale of the item.  If you choose to cash out, you will be paying another fee to the 3rd party cash out service partner, Paypal.  The big question is can you make enough real cash selling on the Diablo 3 RMT auction house to support paying for your World of Warcraft subscription fees?


Paypal has been announced as the 3rd party provider that will be handling the cashing out of real world cash from the Diablo 3 cash out account.  At this time it is unknown to the author what the details are for the cash out restrictions.  Paypal usually charges a 3% fee for receiving payments, so the fee should be that or close to it.

Diablo 3 RMT Auction Sales

  1. Will cost you to list the item (whether it sells or not).
  2. Will cost you a percentage to Blizzard when the item sells.
  3. Will cost you a fee to cashout (probably 3%).

Can We Pay For WoW With Our Diablo 3 Cash?

Yes, you can make cash in the Diablo 3 auction house and choose to store it in your e-balance account.  From the e-balance account you can purchase WoW game time.  Any cash that you choose to send to the cash out account will be taxed by the Paypal fee.  If you signed up for the WoW Annual Pass you won't be able to pay for your WoW subscription with your Paypal account balance.  One of the restrictions in the WoW Annual Pass was that Paypal and Bill My Phone were not options for paying for the 1 year WoW subscription.  So if you signed up for the WoW annual pass you need to be careful in how you choose to store your Diablo 3 cash earnings.  Make sure to store enough in your e-balance account to cover your costs for the WoW subscription.  Paypal account balance payments are not allowed for WoW Annual Pass subscribers.  I used to pay with Paypal and I've had to change my method of payment since signing up for the WoW Annual Pass.

Be Careful and Be Smart When Diablo 3 Drops.  


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  1. Something key here people should know is that you can only cash out when you get the sale, once you've deposited it into your e-wallet from blizzard, you can't cash it out anymore

  2. You could always just transfer the paypal funds to your bank and pay with a debit card.

  3. Yeah, good reminder Xsinthis.


    Yeah, I've tried to get my Paypal debit card, but it's been lost in the mail 4-5 times now so I gave up. Will try again once I move.


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