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WoW Patch 4.3 Bugs That Screwed Gold Makers

First Things First:  One thing I love about patches in WoW is all of the great sales bringing me lots of gold.  The second thing I love about patches in WoW is all of the fresh new traffic that the patches bring to the blog.  So welcome new readers! Hope you find my site helpful, informative, and fun.  I hope to see you returning and participating in the comments of posts.  Welcome to gold making in the World of Warcraft!

WoW Patch 4.3 Bugs Are Restricting Gold Making
(Screw You Blizzard - Part 2)

Remember yesterday's post about my plan of attack for gold making in Patch 4.3 and all of the work I crammed into a couple nightly sessions in preparation for the early launch of WoW Patch 4.3?  Well, some of my hard work bit me in the ass, thanks to a couple of bugs that found their way through the WoW Patch 4.3 pipeline.  Thanks a lot Blizzard!

The Soulbound Bug

This one is the more annoying of the two gold making bugs from Patch 4.3.  While posting auctions from the Remote Auction House mobile application, I was getting some errors that I had never seen before.  I was trying to post items onto the AH from my phone and kept getting the error "You can't sell that item".  Can't sell it?  I've been selling these damn things for months and suddenly it is no longer sellable?  What the hell?  I dismissed it as, "It must be a bug with the mobile auction house and patch day."

Once I got home from work and start posting like a madman, I ran into the same issue.  This time, since I was logged into the game, I could see the real issue.  The items I couldn't post were all now Soulbound to my character!  What the hell?  I know I didn't accidentaly equip this BoE epic or this PvP crafted gear.  So I logged over and check other characters in my army of alts.  What the fuck!  My main Deathknight tank has an epic Engineering crafted  BoE gun, the Extreme Impact Hole-Puncher, bound to him and he can't even use ranged weapons.  Oh hell! 

I went to check all of my other alts and found out that every single piece of BoE gear that was in my characters bags were all now soulbound to those characters.  That meant that every item I had pre-crafted or had ready in my bags for posting after the servers came up was now bound to me, untradeable, and unsellable.  What a great reward for working so hard the 2 nights prior to get ready for the last major patch of the Cataclysm expansion.  Screw you Blizzard. 

The Durability Bugs

There are 2 durability bugs that became apparent after exploring my characters and their newly soulbound items.  One is the mailbox durability bug and the other is the equipped item durability bug.  Of course, my characters have been hit with a combination of both!  The mailbox durability bug is not that big of a deal.  Some items in your mailbox will show as having zero durability, which turns the item red.  If you remove the items from your mailbox, then the items will be fixed and the durability will be restored once in your bags.

The equipped item durability bug is the nastier of the two.  Items that you are wearing can have suffered the same fate.  I had just bought new valor gear with my Valor Points the night prior, since I knew that Valor was converting to Justice Points with the release of Patch 4.3.  When I logged in, the items I had just bought from the vendor the night before were all red and down to zero durability.  I just bought these damn things the night before and hadn't even left the city.  The cost to repair an epic item fully from zero can get quite hefty, especially if multiple items are affected.

The Fix Is Coming

I had a nice long chat on multiple characters with one of the WoW GMs after quickly opening a ticket and reporting these issues.  We logged over to multiple characters as I was the guinea pig, showing the GM the bugs and trying to find work arounds for the major issues.  As of now the bugs have not yet been fixed, but the GM assured me that others were reporting similar issues and that a hotfix or patch would be coming to fix the issues.  So here I am stuck with a bunch of soulbound BoEs that I can't sell until they fix them.  I also am waiting for the hotfix before wasting gold repairing items that shouldn't even be at zero durability anyway!  I suggest opening a ticket, if you are also stricken with these same bugs.  The more tickets, the faster the fix will come, I hope.

Maybe it's karma for pushing Mysterious Fortune Cards onto other players and getting them hooked.  Ha ha!

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  1. My banker's monocle was broken, only instance of any of these bugs I encounter. Cost a whopping 1 copper to fix

  2. I found the durability thing out because basically ANYTHING you try to do with gear now requires it be 100%..and it was a sight to see 4 yr old gear with 0 durability.

  3. Ouch! I didn't run into soulbound BoE's thank goodness - think being on the AH or in the GB saved them.

    The durability issue got me. Had to repair banking outfits all night (I've never have or ever will take my Formal Dangui out of town but that stupid image was annoying me so...), but the worst one was gear collected from the mailbox or pulled from the bank. I had to suck it up & repair them since they wouldn't post otherwise, not to mention things won't go into Void Storage if they're not fully repaired. But I guess since they stayed BoE I shouldn't complain.

  4. I haven't had the durability bugs that I'm aware of, but I have had to deal with the BoE bugs.

    I had similar issues when Cata first came out with blues that dropped from rare spawns. They didn't say they were soulbound, but they showed that there was a limited duration on them so I couldn't sell them on the AH and couldn't mail them to my other characters. I submitted two tickets on that one, but to this day I still can't do anything with those items.

    Since Blizz did nothing about that one, I figured I was probably screwed on this one too so I just DE'd the BoE's that have been dropping in the new dungeons after they become soulbound. I see others listing them on the AH, so I know it's possible, but I can assure you my Mage didn't equip those plate bracers.

  5. I ran into all the above mentioned bugs! I just payed the repair costs for the durability bugs! AS to the BOE bug my level 1 bank alt was stuck with half a dozen rare weapons! Thankfully most of my stock was in the guild bank I own for storage! So i sold the 6 bound weapons, payed the few gold to fix the gear the durability bug hit and went onto posting on the auction house!

    Off topic a bit but i am very disappointed a stable update for auctioneer hasn't been released yet! I had to disable all my auction addons that ran with auctioneer and just used auctionator to post my items for sale! I hope they get a stable update released soon!

  6. I know sucks Right! I am still holding on in case they do hot fix it. I trashed auctioneer, went to get Auctionator and haven't looked back.

    I'm now trying a TSM - Auctionator combo.
    Screw that old clanky lethargic PoS Auctioneer for good.

  7. Bought a rare world drop sword for 500g the night before the patch, was hoping to advertise in trade to get 3-4k for it after 4.3 dropped, and it was soulbound! Oh well, hope they fix it by this weekend because that's when I'm assuming there will be a big influx of the "transmog crowd" as I like to call them.


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