Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets - One Final Chance To Make Gold

New Darkmoon Faire Coming Soon
Do Not Save Your Old Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets.

The Patch 4.3 new version of the Darkmoon Faire is only a couple of months away.  There will be one more visit of the current Darkmoon Faire before the major rehaul coming in the new WoW Patch 4.3.  The new Darkmoon Faire will be upon us soon.  Don't get stuck with a bunch of the old tickets, that will be useless soon.

Do not save your old Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets.  They will not convert to the new currency.  They will be useless after Patch 4.3, so spend them at the last old school version of the Darkmoon Faire coming at the beginning of December.

The current Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets will become Tattered Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets in Patch 4.3.

The new currency for the Patch 4.3 Darkmoon Faire Island will be the Darkmoon Prize Ticket.  With these new Darkmoon Prize Tickets we will be able to purchase all kinds of new items, old school tier gear for Transmogrification, new companion pets, new mounts, and much more.

Making Gold At The Darkmoon Faire

Since December will bring the last of the old version of the Darkmoon Faire, we must take advantage of all of the options for making gold in WoW that the current Faire allows.  Soon the current quest turn in items (Evil Bat Eyes, Dense Grinding Stones, etc.) will be useless at the new fair, so unload any that you already have.  The old profession quests are being revamped and there are no crafted items required at the new Darkmoon Faire coming in WoW Patch 4.3.  The new quests do however require some basic crafting materials that are easily purchased at npc vendors (basic stuff like dyes, flour, etc.), although there are currently none of the vendors .

The Darkmoon Prizes that are currently purchased with the Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets will no longer be available in the Patch 4.3 Darkmoon Faire update.  So this is your last chance to try for those rare patterns and blue gear items that can be obtained from the various Darkmoon Faire prizes.  Grab all the Dense Stone you can now and get ready for the final Faire, because the Darkmoon Faire Stone Exchange Tactic is going to be obsolete after WoW Patch 4.3. 

A few of the popular gold making tactics are going to remain with the new Darkmoon Faire. 
  1. Lhara is staying so hopefully we can still get cheap materials from her.
  2. Flik will continue to sell his Faire Frogs for flipping.
  3. Jubling pets will still be available from Morja, so the Dark Iron Ale Mugs will still be a possible gold making source.  This may become more popular as the new WoW pet battle system is coming in Mists of Pandaria.
You have been warned.  Now clear out all the prize tickets on all of your alts, so you aren't the one stuck with a bunch of obsolete tickets in Patch 4.3.

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  1. Lhara in the PTR is a pet and mount vendor now.


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