Friday, November 11, 2011

WoW Cross Faction Gold Making: 2 High Profit Recipes To Sell To Alliance

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WoW Cross Faction Gold Making

If you listen to The Auction House Junkies podcast, then you may have heard of my experiments into the cross faction trading strategy.  I signed up for a second free WoW account for being a dedicated WoW veteran just to experiment with cross faction trading (Arbitrage). 

My main cross faction gold making sales are coming from sending Alliance-only or Horde-only companion pets and cooking recipes to the faction that can't buy them.  A little research on The Undermine Journal today also revealed a rare pattern craftable that is never sold on the Alliance side.  I am the only Horde seller of this rare pattern crafted item, so I will be sending some of these items over to the Alliance side.  The Undermine Journal shows the item hasn't been listed on the Alliance side of my server in over a month!  You know what that means?  Cha-ching!  What item do I speak of?  Rich Purple Silk Shirts.

Two High Profit Recipes To Send From Horde To Alliance

I've started to branch out from selling just companion pets and cooking recipes to the opposing faction.  There are some other good recipes to sell cross faction, but most of them are either rare or are limited spawn recipes from vendors.  Being limited spawn recipes, hampers their ability to sell in large quantities.  Here are two of my favorite easily obtained recipes to buy on the Horde auction house to transfer over to the Alliance for a nice hefty mark up.  I highly recommend looking into both of these if you are a Horde player with access to the Alliance auction house side of your server.

Recipe:  Deviate Delight

Remember how expensive these used to be on the Horde auction house?  They were even more outrageous on the Alliance side back then.  Then came The Shattering and the drop rate went from a super rare Barrens zone drop to a common zone drop.  The prices followed the increase in supply and quickly tanked through the floor.  The Recipe: Deviate Delight that was once selling for close to 1k gold, quickly dropped to under 30 gold overnight.  Months into the Cataclysm expansion and I am constantly finding these recipes on the Horde auction house for 3 gold or less.  What do I do? 

I buy them all out and send them to the Alliance auctioning alt on my second account.  On the Alliance side I can easily sell these from 50-75 gold per Recipe.  This is a huge profit margin and able to be pulled off cheaply and safely since I can use 2 accounts for the cross faction transfer.  Even though the drop rate is way better, many Alliance players still don't quest or spend much time in the Barrens.  So the demand is much higher on the Alliance side, which allows for a gold making opportunity.

Recipe:  Elixir of Giant Growth

The Recipe: Elixir of Giant Growth is another great recipe to snatch up for dirt cheap on the Horde auction house and sell for much higher on the Alliance auction house.  I can find these all day long for just a few silvers on the Horde side and flip them to the Alliance auction house for 10-25 gold each.  Another easy and great item for making gold in WoW.  Check out this recipe on The Undermine Journal.  It shows that 80% of all Elixir of Giant Growth recipes are sold via the Horde auction house, with only 20% appearing on the Alliance side.  The prices on the Alliance side are much much higher, which makes this another great items for cross faction exchange.

Anyone else have any great cross faction recipe ideas?

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  1. Roasted Moongraze (Steaks? Tenderloins?)

    It takes half an hour to go farm this up on any character (great gph for multiboxers) and then sells horde side for 800 gold.

    Rare because its a level 1 pattern, mostly people just learn it or assume it is worthless and it doesn't end up on the AH.


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