Tuesday, December 29, 2009

XMas Vaction = Buyer's Market

Just as things usually sell higher during the week, they tend to sell lower on the weekends when more players are on and there is more competition on the AH. At the moment, the AH has been flooded with sellers and the overall price of many items has dropped a lot over the course of a week. Epic Cut Gems were selling easily at 275-355g each last week. Those same gems are down to under 200g each!!!

With many high school and college students on break the past week, prices have obviously taken a drop. Christmas break definately favors the buyer and not the seller. This drop in AH prices will probably improve next week as more kids return back to school, but will continue to lag a tad low until college students are back in school as well.

Because of this, I am going to slow my AH posts until mid-January or hopefully sooner, if the prices start to rebound. I will put extra effort into the markets I use for new players and new alts, like the markets for quest required items, bags, heirloom wep chants, etc. Now is the time to stock up on all the items you normally sell at a higher profit margin. Christmas Noobs are posting things for silly prices and the state of competition makes buying out those low prices items a chance to reap huge gains once the market rebounds. So I may just buy up all those Runed & Bold Epics for under 200g per, and turn around and sell them for 275-350 per next month.

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