Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gold Blogger Appreciation Challenge

Have You Thanked A Gold Blogger Lately?

Gold Bloggers Come and Go

The community of gold bloggers is ever changing.  There are those of us that have been around for quite some time, but the majority of blogs that focus on how to make gold in WoW are short lived endeavors.  Hey, putting out quality original content is much harder than you think.  Just ask all of the blogs that have died over the years.  I have also went through some burned out phases where my posting schedule has sufferred.  I am glad that has been turning around lately.  Blogging consistently is hard work, so remember that when you visit the blogs around the gold making community.

Take a moment today and leave a comment on a few of your favorite gold blogs.  Let them know you appreciate their dedication and hard work.  Too many times we are quick to leave a comment to correct someone, disagree, or tell them just how wrong we think they are (I'm guilty too).  How often do we leave a comment thanking a blogger or letting them know that we appreciate their hard work?  Not often enough.  So take a moment to spread some love today.  Tell a friend about a site you love, tweet a post you like, share their content on facebook, or submit a post to your favorite bookmarking or social media site.

I guarantee you will make that blogger feel more appreciated and this will help spark their desire and interest in providing more great content for you.

So get out there and spread some love!

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Have you thanked a gold blogger lately for all the free information they provide to help you out?


  1. Hey Cold,
    Thanks for all your quality posts. Thanks for inspiring others to create their own blogs. Most of all thanks for being there to answer all my questions when I was first starting out.


    1. Thanks man!

      This post isn't meant to bait comments for myself. It's just to raise awareness for others who may need a lil support to keep 'em motivated and to stick with blogging.

      It can be a lone site with no comments or reader feedback.

      thanks again brother and keep up the good work.


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