Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No Epic Gems: Pyrite Ore Unloading Options

No Epic Gems From Pyrite Ore

Now that Ghostcrawler himself has confirmed that Epic Gems will NOT be coming from Pyrite Ore in WoW Patch 4.3, you might be seeing players unloading their stockpiles of Pyrite Ore on the auction house.  This mass exodus of stockpiled Pyrite Ore has already led to a drop in prices of Pyrite Ore across many WoW servers.  Pyrite Ore just hasn't been able to hold its value now that we know Prospecting the ore will not yield any epic gems.  What should you do to unload your stockpiled Pyrite Ore?

Pyrite Ore Options

Pyrite Ore isn't just for Prospecting.  Pyrite Ore can be smelted into Pyrite Bars.  Bars are often selling for more than the Pyrite Ore cost to smelt and produce your own Pyrite Bars.  Some of the crafted products that require Pyrite Bars include Truegold Transmutations, Ebonsteel Belt Buckles, Pyrium Weapon Chains, and Pyrium Shield Spikes.

Pyrite Ore Options
  • Sell as stacks of Pyrite Ore
  • Prospect Pyrite Ore for Gems and Volatile Earth
  • Smelt Pyrite Ore into Pyrite Bars
Pyrite Bar Options
  • Transmute Truegold
  • Pyrium Weapon Chain
  • Pyrium Shield Spike
  • Ebonsteel Belt Buckle
  • Crafted epic weapons and armor (as Truegold)
If you are sitting on a massive stockpile of Pyrium Ore, then you probably will need to use all of the available avenues to unload your Pyrite Ore.  Depending on how much Pyrite Ore you are looking to unload, you may want to sell it raw just to be rid of it.  The value is surely going to steadily crash until it levels out to a normal acceptable price level.  All of the items that are crafted from Pyrite Ore or Pyrite Bars should see some prices drops as well, due to the crashing prices of Pyrite Ore. 

If you are looking to unload your Ore stockpile, you should already be working on unloading your Pyrite Ore and the products created from Truegold and Pyrium Bars.  Truegold required items will see less loss of value thanks to the restrictive once per day cooldown.  If the Truegold cooldown were removed, the value of those crafted items will drop much more quickly.  The current 24 hour crafting cooldown creates a safety buffer against the massive influx of Truegold Bars from alchemists should the cooldown be removed.

Then there is always the option of long term storage.  Maybe the best use of your Pyrite Ore stockpile is to just sit on your stock and wait for the supplies to dry up.  I wonder how much Pyrite Ore will be worth deep into the next expansion when no one is farming it up anymore?

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  1. did you thought at the qq that will be on Blizzard oficial forums when all the player base , pvp-ers, casuals , alts will notice they have no acces at epic gems like in WOTLK ?

    and that under pressure in the end they will give epic gems to all ? like they nerfed the 5m heroics , like they nerfed T11 content , like they nerfed Firelands , after tones of qq they might nerf the epic gems accesability.

    And guess what is the most easy way to give epic gems to all the player base : prospect pyrite.

  2. i stockpiled khorium. i held the equivalent of a guild vault tab for an expansion and a half. eventually i sold it for massive profits when engineering mounts had a researgence.

  3. @Anon2

    Khorium is a great one as it is so rare on most auction houses to begin with. Then they nerfed the recipe for Khorium Power Cores making them even more profitable to craft and sell.


    It's possibly all the QQ could get them to change their plans, but I feel the QQ will be what makes the gems drop as uncut / tradeable and not pre-cut / soulbound. Either that are QQ will get them to increase the drop rates within the geodes themselves. Regardless whatever Blizzard does, I hope they have WoW gold inflation in mind and hope they learned a lesson from their early Cata gem vendor pricing mistakes. That poor pricing model destroyed the value of gold on all WoW servers.

  4. @ all of this... Nerfed content is due in PART to all the QQ... they do listen to the player base... but they have done a lot to maintain the viability of content still having some (though arguably less) epic feel and dificulty... The nerfs were IMO and interpretation to keep the players... and since so much design and developement work goes into the raids... why not make it accessable to the masses... and the FL nerfs.. again.. progress of the masses... when its 3 months into the expansion and the numbers show dismal progress by good guild and such, it is only being downed by the most persistent and skilled players... then the nerfs come out.. not for QQ, QQ is an element, but a side element... The nerfs are based on empirical numbers...

    Empirical numbers... and all points... epic gems and gear inflation.. gold inflation w/ the cata vendor values of gems... all ties together, but there comes a point too, where the inflation of gear needs to come into check... look ahead to the 5.0 game, and then take the heroic gear, and epic gems and then making that gear BROKEN sometime durring the leveling to the next raid zone... That IMO empirically will keep their currently advertised plan of having limited epic gems... when 5.0 hits, people will get UGs sooner if they dont have epic gems, and then they are happy, and yadda yadda... I agree that them being precut and unsoulbound will be good.. the stormjewels from WOTLK fishing gems...

  5. I say keep it. Once patch 4.3 passes, 4.3a or 4.3b will most definately allow epic gems to prospect from pyrite.

  6. Expecting Epic Gems to come from Pyrite Ore down the road is even more speculative than expecting them to come from the ore originally.

    The vendoring of uncommon and rare gems has already ruined the value of gold within the game and Blizzard has already made changes to fix those issues. I really doubt we will see epic gems coming from Prospecting ever again as it would only add to the inflation problems that they have been trying to fix in hindsight.

    Holding onto it to sell after 5.0 or so is probably a safer bet, then if they happen to allow Prospecting for epic gems you still have your stockpile.

  7. Oddly enough, on my server the cost of Pyrite ore has remained fairly steady, even after the announcement than epic gems would not be prospected.

    That said, I have found numerous people unloading for *far* below market value. I picked up roughly 400 stacks for 50g each.

    Furthermore, the materials that come from Pyrite really haven't come down too much so far. Seems like a great opportunity to further invest in Pyrite if you have the gold laying around to do so.

    I plan to unload some of it and then ultimately end up with 2-3 guild bank tabs of it that I have acquired for "free" after taking into account the Pyrite ore I sell.

    I am still optimistic that Pyrite will go up in value a decent amount once 4.3 hits due to being needed for other things / possible new recipes


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