Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Reasons It Sucks To Be A WoW Gold Maker

Being able to support all of your characters by your own financial success is a great feeling within World of Warcraft.  Being able to afford anything is excellent, but being a gold maker isn't always a positive thing.  I present to you today the top 10 reasons it sucks to be a gold maker.

Top 10 Reasons It Sucks To Be A WoW Gold Maker
  1. If your friends / guild members know you are rich, they will ask you for loans, free gold, or pricing discounts.  Hey were are friends right?  Sorry.  Business is business.
  2. You get home from work, log into WoW, and go right back to working in game.  Um, isn't this game supposed to be fun?  I'm paying Blizzard to do more work in my free time.  Fail!
  3. If I shuffle another stack of Obsidium Ore, Saronite Ore, Elementium Ore or Pyrite Ore I will go crazy!  Every day I'm shufflin'!
  4. Dealing with idiots in the trade channel who believe that /2 trade is not for advertising your crafted goods.  Get real!  It's the damn Trade Channel after all.
  5. You often miss out on entire content patches before they are nerfed into the ground.
  6. The life of a pure gold maker is a solitary one.  Raiding?  What's that?  PvP?  Huh?
  7. Size does matter!  Stacking size that is. Bigger is always better, but you will never be satisfied.
  8. There is always someone with more free time than you that will undercut your every move.
  9. Being in major cities with auction houses most of your play time, leads to overexposure to the vile wretchedness that is the trade chat channel. Anal this, Chuck Norris that.
  10. You can't be dancing nekkid on top of the WoW mail boxes, if you are always stuck in the auction house.
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  1. Why do you do it then?

    You gave one reason why its nice and 10 why it sucks. Seems your Pro vs. Con list is really one sided.

    Just like Pvp, PvE ya gotta take a break once in a while and recharge ur batteries.


  2. @Adam

    10 Reasons It Rocks To Be A Gold Maker is another post coming soon.

  3. THe Title very clearly states why it SUCKS to be...


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