Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thanks Twizz For The Pic! | Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery In Action

Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery In Action

Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery Gold Guide In Action

Thanks Twizz!  TwizzleTank of The Rep Grind Radio Podcast did a segment on Episode #9 about his easy gold making experiences using the Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery gold making guide.  Be sure to catch Episode #9 of Rep Grind Radio at or over at iTunes.

Check out the image sent in by Twizz at the top of this post.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.  You can see the nice chunks of gold rolling in from using the tips provided in the Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery gold guide.  Notice the wall of yellow "A Buyer Has Been Found For Your Auction Of Mysterious Fortune Card" text scrolling by as the sales just roll in?  My methods are proven and work effectively.

Mysterious Fortune Cards Guru In Action

You can see similar results in this older picture of me selling Mysterious Fortune Cards myself on my scribe, Primerib.  The great thing about Mysterious Fortune Cards is that they will never become obsolete.  Players will always want to try and win a nice chunk of 5000 gold.

Thanks again Twizz and Res of Rep Grind Radio!  Keep your shows coming.  We love 'em!

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  1. This is clearly photoshopped, it shows single MFCs selling for 60 gold and 130g gold, Cold at best you're a below average goblin, just like Markco with all the stirring you two do and your desperate pursuance of the smallest financial gain, but this is one step too far.

  2. @Anonymous

    ROFL. Nice Try Troll!

    Those are 5 and 10 stacks of Mysterious Fortune Cards selling for 60 and 130 gold. The AH Interface only shows the pic of the item, not the stack size. Anyone who has sold anything in multiples already knows that and can also see what a fool you are. I posted your comment for a laugh.

    I'm sure Twizz made a fake photo to send to me as a buyer of my guide to show me that is works. He praises the MFC Mastery guide in his podcast and the website guide link he gave doesn't even have an affiliate referral for him.

    Losers like you crack me up. Go crawl back under your bridge.

  3. Harsh reply, but accurate and funny... and IMO totally appropriate...

  4. i see my one of my fanboys came over and commented, hahahaha. yes i am a faggot and i have many faggot followers. they do as i say because i tell them. we steal your gold tips because we are to busy trolling to come up with our own. Adam is my newest troll and he will assign some new trolls to monitor your other site.

    You have been warned....

    cockeyed faggot out,



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