Saturday, September 24, 2011

When Auctioneer Lies... I Turn A Profit

Auctioneer Market Value Isn't Always Correct

Regardless of what auctioneering add-on you are using, your displayed market value is only as good as the average of your scans.  If you are not scanning the auction house, then obviously your market value data is going to be incorrect.  If you are constantly scanning the auction house multiple times per day, then you are going to have more accurate auctioneer data to base your decisions on what to sell on the auction house in World of Warcraft.  The more scans you perform over time, the closer your data will be to becoming accurate.  A website like theunderminejournal that is based off of hourly scans is going to have a more detailed and accurate breakdown of what is closer to the true market value over time.  Scanning hourly is much more accurate than scanning twice per day.

There are times when the market value given on your tooltip is accurate from a historical data collection standpoint, yet is completely off for the actual value of an item.  Remember prior to Cataclysm, when I told you to stock up on the low level Vanilla WoW greens that were turning blue in Cataclysm?  Well, those items had been scanned as green junk low value items for years.  When they were changed to blue items and gained upgraded stats, we made a killing selling those now blue leveling items.

If you think back to the beginning of Cataclysm when they were selling to all of the fresh characters leveling in the new WoW Cataclsym content, these items were still showing up on the tooltip with the low market value that had been scanned multiple times prior to the change.  We had to manually jack the prices up on these fresh high demand blue gear pieces.  Many of the items I had bought while green (prior to the Cata change) for less than 2 or 3 gold. I was then able to unload them( once they turned into their blue equivalents) for 60-125 gold each.  Even after the change into blue items, anyone who just used the drag and drop auto-price fill posting method, would have been mistakenly posting those items at the old market value.  Even after the change, I was able to snatch up a few underpriced pieces of the blue gear.

Enchant Shield Vitality

Here is an example of another item that currently can be seen posted on the auction house listed at far below the actual value.  Because of the same scanned market value of the old version of the scroll, many leveling Enchanters will craft 5-10 Enchant Shield: Vitality scrolls while leveling their Enchanting Profession.  They just toss them onto the auction house at whatever Auctioneer tells them it is worth, but that market value is way off from the true value of the Enchant.

Enchant Shield: Vitality is now Best-in-Slot for any shield carrying twink as it now gives +10 Stamina and +10 Spirit.  Many times these enchants can be found for well below the cost to craft, since Auctioneer and other add-ons still base their market value off of the old value when no one bought them.  I recently found 40 of the Enchant Shield: Vitality scrolls on the auction house all for under 1 gold each.  I bought every last one of them and reposted a few on the auction house, which sold for 75 gold each.  These do require some expensive Enchanting materials to craft after all (4 Illusion Dust and a Greater Eternal Essense).  I continually toss a handful of them up on the auction house and the sales continue to come in.  I also keep an eye out for any more that show up at stupid low prices so I can buy them up and sweep them out of the hands of potential competitors.

Buying Poorly Priced Scrolls (Click to Enlarge)
Selling Scrolls For Correct Price (Click to Enlarge)
I paid 45 gold for 42 scrolls.
2 Scrolls sold for 75 gold each.
That leaves me with plenty profit already and 40 more scrolls to sell.

Check into this on your server, especially if you have a nice twink population.  Remember to always use the most important add-on of all above all other WoW add-ons.

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  1. Hey Cold, any good twink-market guides you know of? I feel like it could be a good market on my realm, but I don't even know how to go about figuring out what I should be looking at.

    1. Yup!

      Scroll to the very bottom of this blog and click on "Twinking" and "Twinks". that will get you all of the posts I've done on Twinks and Twinking. There are plenty of market ideas to get you started.

      Be forewarned, with lvl 10 twinks getting killed off and the major BG changes coming in 5.2, twink markets will be changing somewhat and lvl 10 twinking will be obsolete.

      IMO the best place to start is to focus on twink and BoA enchanting since they cross over to both markets.

      Also the 2 best resources to learn about builds, twinking, gearing for twinks are:

      and whatever you do, NEVER EVER go to unless you are curious where the term "twink" was coined originally. lol


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