Monday, September 26, 2011

Spotlight On New WoW Gold Blogs

New World of Warcraft Gold Blogs

Many of the WoW gold making blogs have either grinded to a halt, slowed their posting schedules, or quit blogging completely.  A look into anyone's blog roll will show only a handful of new posts coming out each day.  With the lull in content and fresh ideas during Cataclysm, there just isn't as much to write about.  What we need is a few fresh faces to help breathe some life back into the community.  Here I present to you a few of those new fresh young writers just getting their feet wet in the blog pool.  I've added a few new sites into my blog roll here at Cold's Gold Factory and this is your introduction to them as well.

Mountain of Gold
Gold Blogger: Leez

The Gold Mint
Gold Blogger:  MoxNix

Critical Goblin
Gold Blog:
Gold Blogger:  Critical Goblin

The Auction House Grind
Gold Blog:
Gold Blogger:  Jafo

Warcraft Looks (Mogging)
Gold Blog:
Gold Blogger:  Fluxdada

Be sure to check out these 5 new sites, leave some feedback, and participate with comments.  Got a new WoW gold making site yourself?  Send me the link or leave it in the comments.

Thinking of starting your own gold making blog?  Here are a couple of nice posts to get you thinking:

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  1. Did you read Critical's Last post? 2 days before you posted... just saying... Maybe you wrote this last week to post today.. but check it out

  2. Hey Cold! I've recently started gold blogging over at - I'm pretty much a gold-making noob, and thought I'd document my journey to wealth to both keep my focused and to hopefully help other people who are just starting out too!

  3. @Jim

    Gotcha added to the blogroll. Looks nice. Keep 'em comin'!


    Yeah, just saw that myself about Critical. And yes, I did have the post written last week and queued for today. Still worth a read though.


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