Monday, September 12, 2011

Status Update (Again) & Questions For Readers

Blood Bowl Bruiser
The computer is now in the shop with an estimated return time of 7 days.  Ugh!  It's already been forever and a day with no home computer, now I have another 7 days to wait.  The break from blogging has actually been quite refreshing and I have all sorts of ideas jotted down for posts once I get completely up and running. The break has been a nice reduction in stress, but I'm getting to where I am missing blogging.  I am missing the reader / author interaction.

Once I get my computer back, I will be taking a few days to get everything re-installed, updated, and back to top shape.  I'll actually be able to log into World of Warcraft and start researching markets and trends again.  The first order of business once my computer is back and running properly, is to record another episode of Auction House Junkies.  As mentioned previously, I will announce on that episode the official day that Cold's Gold Factory will be back in business posting daily WoW gold making tips.


I've had some readers email me or try to leave comments calling me an idiot for my statements regarding the server population status on the Opening Day of the NFL Football Season.  My questions is this:

  • Did you see any noticable change in your server's player population yesterday during the NFL Football games? 
  • Was your competition less than normal as I predicted? 
  • Were you able to make extra gold from the lack of competition on the auction house?
  • Or was there no noticable effect?
  • Did you accomplish anything easier on NFL Opening Sunday?

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