Friday, September 30, 2011

WoW TSM Add-On Option: Show Auctions | Auction House Junkies Episode #16

TSM Show Auctions Option
Auction House Junkies Episode #16

One of the things we discuss in Episode #16 of Auction House Junkies is my conversion to using Trade Skill Master (TSM) along with Auctioneer as my primary WoW gold making add-ons.  One of the concerns of WoW gold makers who are not currently using the WoW add-on, Trade Skill Master, is that you lose touch with your market.  We discuss this a bit on the podcast and I recommend using the "Show Auctions" option on the TSM add-on.  I've highlighted the "Show Auctions" option in the image at the top of the post.

TSM - Show Auctions

TSM-Show Auctions Competition Watch
I was also hesitant at switching to using the Trade Skill Master add-on because I mistakenly thought that TSM add-on use would lead to a loss of your market knowledge.  As I said on the podcast, I like to click the "Show Auctions" button as it allows me to see the posts that are currently on the auction house.  As highlighted in the second image, using the "Show Auctions" option extends the TSM posting window to show everything you may want to track mentally as far as your market competition is concerned.

This allows you to track:

  • How many already are posted?
  • What is the selling price?
  • How many do you have posted?
  • Who has undercut you?
This simple option to display in your TSM posting window is your tool to keeping in touch with your market.  It allows you to monitor everything you would like to see to stay on top of the new market competition and old market foes.  I am still learning how to use it effectively, put I'm loving the TSM posting module.  It is a real time saver inside the WoW auction house.  As Wes put it, "I have cross over into the dark side".  

Be sure to head over to Auction House and check out Episode #16 with Wes of Capped By Cata, myself, and special guest @MSherritz.

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  1. Welcome to the Light Side! What took you so long?

    Since you're still new to TSM you might want to read this overview of the entire TSM suite I wrote a while back.

    It's quite critical, I point out a lot issues but I still highly recommend TSM over anything else. It'll give you an idea where you might run into problems and how to avoid or work around many of them. ;)


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