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Which Epic Gems Cuts To Buy First For WoW Gold Profits?

Note: Epic Gems In Patch 4.3 Are Going to Drop Inside Of Raids (Info just released today Sept 19th).  This post was written as speculation on epic gems prior to the announcement.  You can still benefit from this post, if you are a newer Jewelcrafter looking for which rare patterns to start selling.  The gem pre-fixes are the same for rare gems and epic gems.  Pyrite is Fool's Gold after all.  What is still up in the air is whether the raid boss dropped epic gems will be dropping as cut or uncut epic gems.


Which Epic Gem Cut Recipes Should I Get First?

If WoW Patch 4.3 brings us Epic Gems as we are hoping for, many of us will have a surplus of saved up Jewelcrafting daily tokens from Jewelcrafting dailies ready to spend on the new epic gem cuts.  Hopefully Blizzard sticks with the same epic gem recipe formula and makes the cut epic gem patterns available for Jewelcrafting tokens.  It is speculated that each epic gem recipe will require 5-6 Jewelcrafting tokens.  (Remember everything is pure speculation at this point.)  If epic gems do come to World of Warcraft within Patch 4.3, there will be another massive wave of gold making opportunities.  Which patterns / recipes / cuts should you buy first to maximize your investment of Jewelcrafting tokens?

The Gem Array at The Undermine Journal is a great starting place for deciding which gem cuts to sell.  When using the Gem Array at The Undermine Journal, you can get a quick snapshot of the current gem cuts and what they are selling for on your server.  Remember that every server is different.  What sells for top gold on your server may sell for much less gold on another.  There can even be heavy price fluctuations between each faction's auction houses on your same server.

Epic Gem Cut Recipe Choices

Epic gem cut patterns, regardless of how they are introduced into WoW, will not all be available to you as soon as they are added to the game.  Which epic gem recipe cuts you purchase first is very important for maximizing your gold making possibilities.  Buy the correct epic gem cuts early on and you can make a hefty chunk of WoW gold.  Buy the wrong epic gem cuts and you may squander away some major gold making chances.

I would suggest starting with purchasing the recipes for the main epic gem cuts for each color.  By main cuts I mean the epic gem patterns that tend to sell in great volumes because of the awesome and highly desired gem stat combinations.  I suggest that you first acquire 1 epic gem cut in each color, as well as all 3 of the major red gems that provide solid primary stat boosts.

Main Cuts To Buy First:

  • Bold (+ Strength)
  • Brilliant (+ Intelligence)
  • Delicate (+ Agility)
  • Solid (+ Stamina)
  • Rigid (+ Hit)
  • Fractured (+ Mastery)
  • Smooth (+ Critical)
  • Purified (+ Int and + Spirit)
  • Veiled (+ Int and + Hit Rating)
  • Jagged (+ Crit and + Stamina)
  • Puissant (+ Mastery and + Stamina)
  • Reckless (+ Int and + Haste)
  • Potent (+Int and + Crit)
  • The New Tear (+ All Stats)  - This is going to be a nice gold making epic gem cut and it is going to be a major gold maker for those that took my advice and stocked up on cheap Chimera's Eyes
I would grab all 3 of the red gems, then work on getting at least 1 in every color (so you don't have epic gems piling up on you waiting for a epic gem cut pattern of the chosen color).  Once you have all 3 red epic gem cuts and 1 in each color, then you should start looking to expand even further.  An options of starting out filling an epic gem niche market early into the days following the release of the epic gems could be a very profitable adventure as most players will head for the main cuts first.  If you pick up some of the main cuts and then focus on a specific niche (like the tanking or PvP niches) you may see less competition and more profits.  So pick your patterns wisely, plan ahead and venture on into the gold making bonanza that will be epic gems.

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  1. For the record, the question is if patch 4.3 brings epic gems, not when.

  2. Great post. Hadn't thought this far ahead yet. It's never too early. Now if Blizz would stop being coy and give us some epic gem info.

  3. Good choices. You hit most of the best sellers, except for yellow gems. Smooth? WTH? Quick is by far the best selling yellow gem, Fractured and Mystic sell ok and the rest not so well.

    Other than that the only thing I'd add is Purified, Puissant and Reckless sell a lot better than any other cut for their respective colors. I agree that it's good to have at least two of each color and the 2nd ones you chose for each color aren't bad choices but there are several other cuts that are just as good.

  4. We are doing epic gems this time around as a drop in the raid and we may not have those drop in the Looking for Raid tier.

  5. I'm a PVP only player... Blizzard is basically giving a big FU to players like me since we have no way of acquiring raw epic gems. Anybody else find this to be total BS?

  6. It is confirmed that epic gems will be relised in 4.3.


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