Friday, September 9, 2011

How NFL Opening Day Is Good For WoW Players

Class Rivalry - Dwarves Vs Orcs
 Images from the Blood Bowl Video Game - The Real Fantasy Football!

NFL Opening Kickoff Is This Weekend

This Sunday, September 11th, is not only my birthday, but also is the kick-off of the 2011 NFL Football season. From past experience I can vouge that the servers tend to be much slower (Alliance side may be booming though - lol) with many players watching football all day long. NFL Kickoff is an awesome day to perform acts that you benefit from when there are less WoW players online.

I won the Booty Bay Fishing Derby on NFL opening day (Strategically planned of course).  Other ideas for things that are easier with less competition include Hunting Rare Spawns and Farming.

Excuse Me Sir, This Linebacker Stops The Running Game

NFL Opening Day is also a great time to make some serious cash on the auction house in World of Warcraft.  Since there will be so many players logged off all day thanks to the NFL Football season starting, there will be less competition on the auction house.  Less competition usually translates to more sales and those sales tend to be for higher prices.  Less competitors can also mean better odds of snatching up those cheap resources like Skins, Ores, and Herbs.

NFL Opening Day is just one of my 10 Super Secret Days For Easier Gold Making.  Be sure to take advantage of this Sunday and the lack of players and competition.  Even if you plan to watch NFL football all day long, make sure to post your auction before and between games.

Let The Games Begin

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