Monday, August 1, 2011

Auction House Junkies Episode #14 is Out

Auction House Junkies EPISODE #14

And after a long hiatus away, we have for you another episode of The Gold Making Podcast: Auction House Junkies brought to you, as always, by Cold of Cold's Gold Factory and Wes of Capped By Cata

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In Episode #14, We discuss the following tops and a whole lot more.
Firelands Dailies (Molten Front and The Regrowth)
Cold’s Rant Against Blizzard!
Choosing Which Mobs To Kill For More Volatiles
Being a Scavenger
Enchanting Sales Explosion
Heavenly Shards and Greater Celestial Essense's
Market Changes on Servers
The Glyph Market
Cold’s Chimera’s Eye Project
MFC Sales Explosion 

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