Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Goblin Wisdom IRL | Couponing With Groupon, Savemore, & Eversave

Goblin Wisdom In Real Life

I previously did an article on an example real life opportunity for goblins to turn a profit in the real world, which had a good response.  I've also sent out Real Life Money Making Tips via the Cold's Gold Factory email newsletter on a couple of occasions and I received some excellent feedback from players who took my advice.  I had some newsletter readers email me back begging for more great IRL gold tips so they could make some more IRL cash profits.  So today, I present to you a 2nd post of the day here at Cold's Gold Factory.

Couponing With Email Coupon Offers

We've all heard of Groupon.com, since they were the first and are probably the biggest online coupon offering site.  There are also a couple of newer kids on the couponing block.  Both Eversave.com and SaveMore.com work under the same principals as Groupon.com.  They all allow you to buy real world items, goods and services at 50-90% savings.  They allow those of us on tight budgets to have a little more flexibility when buying items, planning a night out, or planning a vacation.  Hell, they can save you money on just about anything!

My girlfriend, who writes over at Alivia's Corner Kitchen (where I sometimes post my own recipes as well) has just stumbled upon all 3 of these sites and has been snagging deals all day long.  Since all 3 of these sites are currently offering free $10 incentives to sign up, she has signed up and already has completely free items on the way to our home!  And she just signed up today!  Yes you can sign up, get the $10 for free, buy $10 worth of coupons or actual products, and have them in the mail tommorrow.  It's that cool.  She is super excited about these sites and will be writing about them and the awesome deals she has been getting when she starts her blog back up in a few weeks.  So be sure to check out Alivia's Corner Kitchen and look for my recipes too!  PS: I have a Master's & Bachelor's in Food and Nutrition, so we both can cook for real!

So please do me a big favor and check out these coupon sites and sign up so you too can save some IRL cash and get some products and items for free just like she has been doing all day!  If you follow the below links, she will get credit for you signing up, so please use the links below to check out what she is so excited about today!  Her facebook friends are hounding her already as she is bragging about all of her great deals and steals today!  Yay! Go Boo!




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