Friday, August 19, 2011

Transmogrification and Void Storage | Patch 4.3 WoW Gold Sinks

WoW Void Storage Coming
The Two New WoW Gold Sinks

In World of Warcraft Patch 4.3, we are getting two new features added to the game.  The new features being added in WoW Patch 4.3 are Transmogrification and a Void Storage Service.  Both of these new WoW features are gold sinks.  They are designed to help remove gold out of the economy to help combat the rising inflation of Cataclysm.  Easy gold making methods like the Obsidium Shuffle from earlier in the Cataclysm expansion have heavily contributed to the inflation we have seen.  Gold is worth less than ever thanks to the easy and common ways to make gold.  Lately though, it has been harder for many players to make gold.  The incredibly easy way to profit off of the botter farmed Ores has been crippled to where you must actually shuffle the ores instead of just vendoring gems.  Hopefully the addition of these two new gold sinks in Patch 4.3 will help to combat the rising inflation by removing some gold from the servers.

Void Storage Service

Void Storage is a new feature coming in Patch 4.3 of World of Warcraft.  Void Storage will cost a chunk of gold to unlock the service for use.  Once the Void Storage Service fee is paid to unlock the Void Storage option, you will have access to a new banking system.  This new Void Storage banking system will allow 80 slots worth of long term storage.  This Void Storage is intended for items that won't be used much by your character.  Holiday vanity items, old trophies or obsolete rewards, heirloom sets, and annual items are good choices for long term Void Storage. 

Each item deposited will cost an amount of gold when placed into the Void Storage.  Once an item is placed in the Void Storage, there is no cost for it to remain there.  You must pay a nice chunk to unlock the Void Storage Service and a deposit fee for each item placed into the Void Storage and a withdrawal fee when an item is removed.  On top of those fees, any items placed into the Void Storage will lose all enhancements.  that means they will lose all gems, enchants, reforged stats, and sockets.  Sounds like some markets will get a slight stimulus from players losing enhancements on their gear that gets wiped once placed in Void Storage.  Please note that the prices are not set on any of the fees and images only have placeholder amounts at this time.


The second gold sink being added to World of Warcraft in Patch 4.3 is Transmogrification.  Transmogrification gives the ability to pay gold to change the appearance of your player's weapons and armor.  While this means nothing to me, some players will be happy about this change.  They will gladly waste their gold changing their appearance around.  The Transmogrification gold sink will also help to drain gold out of the economy.  Will transmogrification be profitable?

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  1. "...Transmogrification gives the ability to pay gold to change the appearance of your player's weapons and armor. While this means nothing to me, some players will be happy about this change..."

    I was thinking maybe make a new snatch list for those items or item sets with great visuals ? For the purpose of flipping them. Might be another way to make a bit of extra gold. I got the idea while looking here : roleplaygear(dot)wordpress(dot)com

    Think of possible costume sets like Stormwind guard or a Scarlet Crusader or sexy plate sets like the Outland greens. Blackmageweave or Cindercloth sets for sexy looks. Who knows ? What do you think ?

  2. It's all a possibility. I think its a bit risky to waste much time on this niche market, because what armor looks cool is just so individual based on personal preference.

    Most of the "uber cool awesome" gear is Bind on Pick-up anyways.

  3. I'm glad I have the Destroyer of Worlds. It's a great looking 2hander.


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