Thursday, August 25, 2011

Site Status

Currently having work done on the internet connection in our neighborhood.  God, I hate Charter!  Took me 2 hours and 5 deaths to complete 4 Firelands Daily quests last night, so I can't play WoW until it is fixed completely.  5 Frames Per Second is not good for gaming. 

I also can't work on my blogs from home either as the browser keeps freezing, going unresponsive, and posts are being eaten.  Nice, huh?  I will continue to post as much as possible from work to the best of my abilities, but as I mentioned on Episode #15 of Auction House Junkies, I am getting promoted and moving to a new department.  I will be out of the building a lot more and may not have as much time to write.  So hang in there folks!  I will be posting as much as I can without a viable internet connection at home.  Undoubtedly, I am going to be missing some daily posts due to these circumstances.  I will do my best to get posts out as often as I can from work.  Don't fear, I'm not quitting or going anywhere.  Please bare with me, while Charter finishes their work and restores my home connection.  Hopefully the performance will be better than prior to their work in the area.

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  1. i would check your pc. Low frame rates are pc based . Latency is network based


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