Saturday, August 13, 2011

WoW Gold Guide Review: Teenager's Gold Guide by The Gold Queen

World of Warcraft Gold Guides
WoW Gold Guide Review:  

Teenager's Gold Guide by The Gold Queen

The Gold Queens WoW Mini-Guides

The Gold Queen has released the 2nd of her mini-guides about making gold within the World of Warcraft.  Her first WoW gold guide was on setting up and operating a pet shop business in WoW.  Companion pets are an excellent niche market to get started in and her Pet Shop Guide does a great job training you to profit off of all the cute little companion pets in WoW.  The Teenager's Gold Guide is much different.  Where the pet shop guide was a highly specific niche market, the Teenager's WoW Gold Guide is a more general gold guide that teaches you how to profit with various strategies.

Not Just for Teens

This guide is perfect for any newer WoW player that is trying to break into the auction house game.  It's a "Teenager's Gold Guide" because it is written for any player to understand.  You don't need to be a teenager to get benefits from this WoW gold guide.  This guide helps you as a new gold maker to understand the various concepts, strategies, and cycles within the auction house markets without talking over your head.  If you are just getting started trying to make money in the auction house, then this is an awesome guide to purchase.  You not only will be making WoW gold on the auction house, but this guide will help you to understand why and how you are able to make a profit off of the items you are able to sell.

  • Lovely layout and flow
  • Great use of charts and images
  • Less than $10 for a gold guide
  • Easy to understand language and nice explanations
  • Learn to make gold
  • Teaches you to learn to identify other areas for making gold with your own knowledge
  • Over 10k words, this isn't really a mini-guide, but it still has the mini-price (It's 44 pages for under $10)
  • TSM resource list
  • Time optimization tips with time management flowcharts
  • Teenager's Gold Guide as the guide's title is misleading.  This really can be used by anyone newer, not just teens.
  • The Glossary has odd words that I just don't get as an American.  (TGQ is a Brit)
A great job by The Gold Queen putting a great product out for all of you newer goblins.

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