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39 Starter Gold Tips From Goldgrubs.com

Goldgrub's Goblin Academy
39 Gold Tips For Beginners

Monday I posted a 67 WoW Gold Tips Post designed to give some quick gold making tips for World of Warcraft players that are stuck in a rut with gold making and may have forgotten about some of the earlier strategies.  Today I present to you another massive reading list.  This time we are focusing on articles about making gold in World of Warcraft as a beginning gold maker.  All of these articles are hosted over at the Goldgrub's Goblin Academy beginner gold making site.  This is just a sample of the awesome articles that can be found over at the new goblin training site.

Everything at Goldgrubs.com is designed and written specifically for new players and those WoW players that are new to gold making.  We have an amazing list of staffers that currently write for Goldgrub's as well as previous writers and guest posters.  I would like to thank all of the excellent bloggers and guest posters that have helped to make Goldgrub's Goblin Academy a great success.  We will continue to help out the brand new WoW gold makers (or little goblins as I like to call them) and are always open for topic suggestions, questions, and guest posting chances.  Be sure to send all the little goblins over to Goldgrubs.com for basic training.

  1. So You Want To Be A Gold Maker?
  2. What Is a Gold Sink?
  3. The Auction Market Cycles In World of Warcraft
  4. Farming For Cloth
  5. Beginner's Tips For Making Gold In WoW
  6. Low Level Items To Craft For Profit - Part 1
  7. Low Level Items To Craft For Profit - Part 2
  8. Low Level Items To Craft For Profit - Part 3
  9. A Copper Saved Is A Copper Earned
  10. Starting Capital: Peacebloom And Other Low Level Herbs
  11. Starting Capital: Fishing For Gold
  12. Starting Capital: Your First Flip
  13. Starting Capital: Skinning
  14. Starting Capital: Dalaran Pets
  15. The Four Ps of Gold Making
  16. Auction House Timeliness
  17. Selling Your Signature For Easy Gold
  18. Filling Out Your Professions
  19. Flipping On The WoW Auction House
  20. Farming In World of Warcraft
  21. Guide To CODs In WoW
  22. Making A Bank Alt For Storage
  23. Always, I Mean Never...
  24. Farming For A Blood Elf Bandit Mask
  25. Do You Need Anonymity While Banking?
  26. Tuesday Night Is Upgrade Night in WoW
  27. Don't Let Dungeon Bugs Cost You Gear
  28. 7 Factors That Determine Your Customer Base And Competition On The WoW Auction House
  29. Rest XP And Why You Need It
  30. Do Racial Trait Profession Bonuses Really Matter?
  31. Turning Your Gold Into Dust
  32. Understanding The WoW AH In 10 Easy Steps
  33. Tanking Shields And Random Dungeons
  34. Should You Buy WoW Gold?
  35. How To Access Trade Chat Anywhere
  36. How To Install WoW Add-Ons
  37. The Best Professions For New Characters
  38. Starter's Guide To WoW Trade Chat
  39. 6 Easy Tips For Making Gold In WoW

Thanks For All Of Your Hard Work At Goldgrub's Goblin Academy!

The following bloggers and podcasters have either been a big help, a previous writer, or a current staffer at Goldgrub's Goblin Academy.  Thanks to you all for being friends of Goldgrub's Goblin Academy.

  • Cold
  • Wes
  • Fluxdada
  • Freckleface
  • Rewt
  • Bangkok Bill
  • The Gold Queen
  • Alto
  • Nev
  • Zoxy
  • R9sid9nt9vil
  • Xtreme
  • Xsinthis
  • Laraku

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