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Reader Submission: Fire Prisms, Heavenly Shards, & Gems

WoW Gold Tips From Loyal Readers
Reader Submission On Fire Prisms, Gems, and Heavenly Shards
Hi Cold! 
As all AH goblins I too found myself in a bit strange situation during the summer: I have some stockpiles and plans to use it, but my buyers are swimming on a beach, far from the WoW AH and from my sales. 
While thinking about a solution (and reading great gold blogs like yours), I was just starring at my big pile of Elementium Ore. I must say, I was a bit mad at myself and while I was bored, I started to prospect my ores. I found myself with dozens of stacks of uncut gems and did not know what to do with them. Okay, cut the blue ones, stockpile some greens for the JC dailies (now I have enough Zephyrites for almost a year ahead, even if the JC daily is "Nibbler! No!" every day), maybe make some Fire Prisms (thanks on that tip tho!). 
"What to do with those greens for which I simply don't have the space to store?" - I asked myself. Well, I had plenty of time and remembered those WotLK times, when the vendor price for some JC items was bigger than their material cost. Of course, this was not a big deal, you could only profit 0.5 - 1g per cut, but hey! that's more than nothing. I made from all of the greens some rings and other jewelries and started to vendor them. Here came one thing that I didn't think on before: I forgot that there's a chance for a blue item to be crafted! Of course I immidiately started mass producing these rings/necks and sent all of the blue ones to my enchanter for Disenchanting! I've got a lot of Heavenly Shards and Small Heavenly Shards, the former selling around 100-120g, the later for 25-40g (!) on my realm. I'm not such a big AH goblin as the gold bloggers, but I made like 8-10k profit (not sales, that's the raw profit!) just alone from these Shards. 
The green rings/necks vendor for 5.5g each, need a Jeweler's Setting (1g50s before rep discounts), so if you happen to find ANY uncut Cata green gems (except for Zephyrite ofc) around 3g (which probably you won't on the AH), you are still profiting ~1g per ring/neck and you have a chance for a Small/Heavenly Shard for even more. 
I didn't make complete calculations yet (spreadsheet incoming soon!), but from my experience, the equilibrium price for an Elementium Ore is around 1.5-1.7g each (30-35g per stack), with the prices on my realm. 
Don't get me wrong, this whole thing is not new discovery, but many people might forget about this market during the summer and thought I share it with you (and your readers, if you happen to post about it). 

Please let me ask you two questions:1. Is there a way or do you know about a way to mass produce Small / Heavenly Shards, except the method described above? Of course I don't want to flood my market to drive the prices to low, but from the Prospecting business I simply can't get enough of it. 
2. Is there a way to efficiently store Fire Prisms? I'm preparing for the epic gem market (which might not even happen with the last content patch being the next one, 4.3), but as Fire Prisms are unique, I have to store them in my mailbox, constantly mailing them from one toon to another, which is a bit inconvinient. 

Thanks in advance!KhasDylar
Cold's Response

Thanks for the Reader Submission KhasDylar!  You remind us of some important gold tips.  Everyone is so focused on the current hot money makers that we often forget to check back to the older strategies we've used previously or in older expansions.

Here are the answers to your questions:

Heavenly Shards
1)  Heavenly Shards are going to come from disenchanting.  I often search for items that disenchant into a Heavenly Shard right on the auction house in WoW.  Buy it, disenchant it, and toss the Heavenly Shard back on the auction house for a profit.  Another option for crafting items to disenchant yourself is Stormforged Shoulders (made by Blacksmiths).

Fire Prisms
2)  Fire Prism storage doesn't have to be such a space and time consuming process for you.  Try tossing them into a bank or guild bank.  The Fire Prisms are unique so you can't have more than 1 on you, but you CAN toss them in the bank along with others.  That's how the last reader who submitted his speculative ideas on Fire Prisms storage for epic gems keeps his stored.

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  1. "Mr. Reader", if you please read the blog, if you do any kind of simple research, if you have any experience in BC and WoTLK, you will understand the meaning of DO NOT STORE FIRE PRISMS THINKING YOU WILL GET EPIC GEMS.

  2. @Backthief

    Hell, at this point with there only being 1 more Patch coming in Cataclysm who knows if there even will be such a thing as Epic Gems in the Cataclysm Expansion.

    Pyrite is commonly referred to as Fool's Gold.

  3. @Cold

    Its very unlikely there won't have Epic gems, because you have to follow all the blizzard patterns trough the other expansions. Ad there is a big gap now between Rare Gems and Jewelcrafter's Gems, which indicates a +50 stat gem was probably projected.

    On top of that, buying Pyrate Ores at 6g for storage is a very safe bet. You can always prospect to at least cover the costs. And if the epics show up, expect a 500%-1000% inflation on those.

  4. I've opened chests that I've kept sitting in a bank for a long time. The contents often contain items that are no longer found in chests in the present release. This indicates that the contents of a chest are determined when it is created, not when it is opened. I would not expect Fire Prisms to behave any differently.


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