Thursday, August 25, 2011

Guest Post: Beware The Crossfaction Gotcha!

Beware the Crossfaction Gotcha!

Today we present you a guest post from Laraku of Skywall - Horde with a quick Cross Faction (Arbitrage) lesson.

While mining The Undermine Journal I came across a wonderful sight!
Truegold Alliance 797g
Truegold Horde 640g
'Instant Profit' I thought.

So buy Horde 10x640, noticing everyone is posting singles : 6400g cost.
Transfer via Neutral AH (cost 10s)
Peruse Alliance AH, hmm everyone is posting one and two units. 787-799g
So I post a 10 stack at 800g each.
The thinking is, if they need a bunch they will pay for the 10 stack rather than buy 10 singles just because its easier.
1 hour later, sold!

So profit calculation is:

10 sold at 800 = 8000
subtract the auction house percentage 5%:  8000 * .95 = 7600g 
subtract my orginal purchase price and I get
7600 - 6400 = 1200g profit (pats self on back)
If I leave it on the Alliance side, that's it pure profit.

But if I try to move the gold back to the Horde side?

Neutral AH percentage is 15%

So if I post any item with a price of 7600g and buy it on my Horde side.
7600 * 0.85 = 6460g erk, wait a minute, that cannot be right, furiously reworks math.

Sigh, yes trying get the gold back over to Horde will turn a 1200g profit into a 40g profit.
Now thats what I call a gold sink!
Obviously it would be much better to find a different deal on another item that works in the favor of the Horde side.

Back to Undermine for me!


Thanks Laraku for the guest post.  One thing I would recommend instead of transferring the gold back over to your main side is to just re-invest it on the Alliance side or buy a faction specific item like the Enchanter crafted lamps and lanterns to transfer to the opposing sides.  Another tip is to use a 2nd account as it makes cross faction exchanges much faster, easier, and safer and it is one of the best things you can do if you have a free WoW veteran account code.

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  1. Free wow account allows you to use the auction house?

  2. @Harold

    Not the free wow trial accounts, but the Free Full Account granted to Veteran Subscribers is a real full access 2nd account.


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