Friday, August 12, 2011

CGF Now Available on Facebook | New Site

Cold's Gold Factory - Social Media Updates

Cold's Gold Factory is now available on the Facebook social media platform.  Simply click like in the above widget to show your support for Cold's Gold Factory.  You can follow the blog posts over on the Cold's Gold Factory Facebook page, if you like.  Once I get more followers over at the Facebook page, I will start more discussion topics and even have some facebok only contests and giveaways.  Make sure to click Like and check back on the Facebook fan site for Cold's Gold Factory.

Follow me @SSmith0911 for Cold's Gold Factory, Goldgrub's Goblin Academy, & Auction House Junkies
Follow me @Diablo3GoldTips for Diablo 3 Gold and RMT AH Tips (

Twitter is where a lot of great ideas and discussions break first, so you get access to cutting edge discussions and re-tweets of important topics and news. 

Diablo 3 Gold Tips - New Guide To Gold and RMT AH Sales is a new site I am working on for giving out tips and tricks for making cash playing Diablo III.  I have a handful of posts up already, so be sure to check out the site and subscribe to the RSS feed.  I will be adding a more regular posting schedule closer to the beta launch and will be posting occasionaly until then.  Don't miss a post - Grab the RSS feed!  Order your copy of Diablo 3 now.

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  1. Haven't you always been on Facebook? I remember seeing a page for your sight about a month ago, and it had about 200 followers.

  2. Nope. I just created the facebook page less than a couple weeks ago. Never had a site up myself for Cold's Gold Factory on facebook.

    You may be thinking of Twitter. I've been a tweeter for a while now.


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