Sunday, June 21, 2015

Heroes of the Storm Tutorial: Earn An Easy 1000 Gold

How To Earn An Easy 1000 Gold In Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm Gold Rewards

Here at Cold's Gold Factory, I've already given a lot of tips on how to earn quicker gold in Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard's newly launched MOBA. I've also covered the quest holding strategy to maximize gold earned from HotS daily quests. Today we will talk about a simple, and often overlooked, way of earning a quick and easy 1000 gold for free in Heroes of the Storm.

Get 1000 Gold From The Tutorial In Heroes of the Storm

Since the Technical Alpha period was so long for testing Heroes of the Storm, many of us had already completed the tutorial at least once and maybe even a second time through, to try out the changes that came along with the different patches within the Technical Alpha and Closed Beta phases of testing.

One thing that has been recently overlooked by the older players that have been in Heroes of the Storm for a while is that since the game has officially launched Blizzard has added gold rewards to each of the tutorials in Heroes of the Storm!  Hell it took me a good 3+ weeks to even figure this out myself, since I have no reason to go back and ever do the tutorial after the number of real games I've already been playing. Well, there definitely was a reason for me to go back and repeat the tutorials one last time: To Earn My Free 1000 HotS Gold!

How To Replay The Tutorial In Heroes of the Storm

With all of the changes to the UI displays in the game and can get a little confusing to find the tutorial as an established player. The easiest way to get back to the tutorials is to hit the F10 (Function 10) button on your keyboard. There you can select the tutorials option, which will lead you to the screen show in the header image of this post.

As you can see there are actually 3 separate tutorials (out of the 4) that will all award a small chunk of gold for you to use buying heroes and master skins within the game. 
  1. Introduction - 250 Gold Reward For Completion
  2. Basic - 250 Gold Reward For Completion
  3. Advanced - 500 Gold Reward For Completion
  4. Training - No Gold Rewards
Pro Tip: To make the tutorial games go a lot faster, just stack your hero onto another lane that already has a pair of AI players on your team. The AI is pretty bad in Heroes of the Storm and the tutorial AI is an absolute joke, so stacking your team together and just pushing one lane hard will get you a quicker win and earn those free gold rewards that much faster.

So even if you are a veteran player, don't forget to go back and re-complete the training tutorials to earn your free 1000 gold in Heroes of the Storm. New players should automatically be seeing the tutorials and gold rewards as part of your introduction to the game, but it is easily overlooked by those of us that have been playing for weeks or months already. In order to earn the gold the gold amount must be shown just like in the image. If there is no gold listed, then that means you have already completed that tutorial and already earned the free gold.

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