Saturday, October 30, 2021

How To Make Money Playing Mobile Games

Make Money Playing Games

How To Make Money Playing Mobile Games & Apps

We are always on the lookout for new mobile games to play on the phone.  You can make money playing mobile games on your Apple or Android mobile phone.  If you are always trying new mobile games anyway, why not make some side money playing games on your phone at the same time.  That is what I do.  Here is how I make money playing mobile games for cash and gift cards.

There are 2 main sites that I use for getting paid to play games on my phone.  These are both cash back sites that have many ways to make money, but I mainly focus on using my phone to play games for money.  I am not talking about any games where you have to pay any money to play.  These are games you can earn money just for downloading.  These are games you can get paid for playing it a certain amount of time or to a certain level or reaching a certain goal.  The best sites I have found to use to play games for money are InboxDollars and Swagbucks.  

If you sign up with my referral code, you will earn a free $5 for signing up.  Just click the link or the big sign up image below. 

Once you sign up for InBoxDollars, you should also download their mobile application so it is easier to find offers to download to play games for money.  Make sure you allow emails for cash as well.  You will get emails everyday that all you do is click verify email to open the site and you get paid around 2 cents for each one.  You can use the mobile application to find and complete the email offers without using your email. Many of these email offers will be great offers for making money playing games on your phone.  Some of these emails will award cash just for downloading the game and trying it. Sometimes you only have to finish the games tutorial to get paid.  Sometimes you have to play to say level 10, or upgrade your headquarters to level 3, or collect the daily loot for 5 days.  Many of these goals are super easy to complete and pay out a decent amount.  And Inboxdollars only awards cash, they are not a points based system like many of the other cash back sites.

Example Easy Offer Playing Games For Cash

Below is an example of an easy offer I completed.  This Las Vegas Bingo offer only took me less than 3 day to complete and it paid out $20! I have done a Disney Emoji Blitz Challenge that only requires you to open the daily quest for 3 days and it pays a super easy $5!  Both of these are currently active if you hurry and sign up (as of 10/31/21).  Many other great offers for playing mobile games will take their place soon, so if you miss these look for the new offers.  There are many offers for playing slots games for $20 payouts.  The best thing is some of these games are good games that I keep after I earn my cash payout for playing them.  So I get paid to try new games and then keep the games I like.  It is a win - win situation.

So sign up today and start making money playing games on your phone too.

Example: Earn Cash Playing Mobile Games
This is just an example email offer