Wednesday, March 31, 2010


If you are an engineer, then chances are you probably have been making easy money off of the newly non-BOP engineering crafted pets, Lil Smoky & Pet Bombling. While the markets for Core of Earth, Essense of Fire, and Heart of Fire have been fluctuating, the market for Fused Wiring has exploded. If you have a JC and an engineer , then you can church out some easy profits as fused wirings are selling for 25-30g each, and you get a stack of 5 with each crafting. These take 2 Essence of Fire and 3 Delicate Copper Wire (made by Jewelcrafters) to make 5 Fused Wirings. Delicate Copper Wires require 2 Copper Bars each.


6 Copper Bars + 2 Essence of Fire = 5 Fused Wiring.

So check your markets, there are very few sellers of Fused Wirings, but they are required for both new pets, so you are supplying engineers that are crafting as well as supplying those that are just gathering the mats for their pets as well.

Also Big Iron Bomb has been selling well for me as well at a buyout of 25g each, as this is an ingredient in the crafting of the Pet Bombling. These are cheap to make as well, requiring just 1 silver bar, 3 iron bars, and 3 heavy blasting powder (3 heavy stone) to make 2 of these bombs.

Monday, March 29, 2010

So how are profits?

Anyone got any good stories regarding profits since Patch 3.3.3?
I'm making a large chunk off of buying saronite ore, smelting it, and transmuting it to titanium and selling in stacks of 3, since the titansteel CD is gone. Also selling engineering pets, slowly.

Would love to hear anyone elses windfalls or misjudgements.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The New AH Function

Let's just say as a player that refuses to use any addons, I am just loving the batch posting option that is basic UI for the auction house now. Let's me post a ton faster, which means more play time. Yay!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Come on Servers!

Man, I am getting sooo ancy waiting for the servers to come up, so I can start getting the pet shop rolling. /drool


Get ready to unload some Lil Smoky and Pet Bombling PETS. Jepetto in Dalaran will have a new pet as of today, but it is BOP.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Trading Gold for Game Time

So I recently encountered a player that makes a ton of gold on the AH. Grats. But what to do with all of the virtual gold. Apparently he claims to trade gold for game time cards. Instead of accepting cash, he just gets them to buy a game card and send him the code. He also claims to not have paid out of his own pockets for gametime in over 2 years. This sounds like a good plan, but isn't this a violation of game policy, just the same as selling gold?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Are We There Yeti?

Yetis are by far one of the best mobs to skin. Why? Yetis are the only mobs that are humanoid and skinable, which means they drop gold. The yetis that are level 34 or below also have a chance to drop Large Fangs, which can be sold on the auction house or saved and used for craftables such as Barbaric Bracers. So if you are a upcoming skinner, make sure to spend some time on the yetis to get more cash than just skinning animal types. Also these yetis will always be found near caves and mining nodes for anyone with mine-skin combo.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Stumbled across this site which breaks down all maps and routes for farming titanium ores. Also quick link access to all other mining farmer routes and maps as well. Definately worth a look.

Check it out here

Titanium Transmute

Why is converting Saronite Ore to Titanium Bars so profitable on many servers?

My idea is that it tends to be a money making strategy that requires multiple characters because the 2 professions, Mining and Alchemy are not a typical combination you find on a single character. Anyone got a Miner/Alchemist? Probably not many. Therefore this is easiest for players with both a miner and an alchemist. If you have both, look into it. There is good money to be made from transmuting and selling on the AH in stacks of 3 and single bars.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dead Mire Bog - FARMING FTW

First Farming Post, since that's what you asked for.

The Dead Mire Bog

This is by far my most favorite spot to farm, grind, level, and raise some professions. I have levelled at least 4 charcters farming this area alone thru 2-3 full levels and gathered a ton of resources while doing it.

Why is this place so great?

Withered Giants & Bog Lords

1) These kills provide Sporeggar Rep (which will get you to the cooking patterns that you can sell for 25g each.)
2) They drop unidentified plant parts, which get you to Cenarian Rep Honored.
3) They drop motes of life.
4) They can be herbed for more motes, more unidentified plant parts, and tons of various herbs.
5) There are adamantium nodes in the area.
6) There are various herb spawns in the area.
7) The hydras can be skinned.
8) The Bog Lords drop tendrils which can be used for Sporeggar rep.
9) Super fast respawn rate.
10) They drop lots of vendor trash and greens.
11) Town is very close by for selling and making more room.

So this place alone gives access to: Rep, Rep items, Herbs, Ores, Skins, and Greens.

If you save all the primals and sell them during the DarkMoonFaire you will make even more money.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Looks like farming has won the first ever poll, on which area you would like to see more information about. So in the near future posts I will be focusing on some farming tips and ideas as well as other categories that did receive votes. Thanks to all who voted.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Netherweave Market

Logged in after a few weeks absence to see that NW Bags are down to 7.5g each, but I found stacks of NW for 4g, so its still profitable to make the bags. But 4x NW bolts, I've been selling for 15-20g and stacks of NW i'm buying out and reposting for 12g. Any both NW cloth and Bolts are selling. So lesson learned, sometimes the raw materials or intermediate materials will sell for much more profit than the final end product.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Digging Back In

Well, the weeks of 70 hours with tons of Overtime have come to an end. I now have a regular 40 hour work week ahead of me, with tons of morning playtime available. What will this mean for my gold making?

Time of day of available playtime, will have a big impact on my ability to make gold. I tended to get a ton of sales from teh Overnight Market, but now I will have to adjust to selling during early mornnig and afternoon hours.

Any tips or ideas?