Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dead Mire Bog - FARMING FTW

First Farming Post, since that's what you asked for.

The Dead Mire Bog

This is by far my most favorite spot to farm, grind, level, and raise some professions. I have levelled at least 4 charcters farming this area alone thru 2-3 full levels and gathered a ton of resources while doing it.

Why is this place so great?

Withered Giants & Bog Lords

1) These kills provide Sporeggar Rep (which will get you to the cooking patterns that you can sell for 25g each.)
2) They drop unidentified plant parts, which get you to Cenarian Rep Honored.
3) They drop motes of life.
4) They can be herbed for more motes, more unidentified plant parts, and tons of various herbs.
5) There are adamantium nodes in the area.
6) There are various herb spawns in the area.
7) The hydras can be skinned.
8) The Bog Lords drop tendrils which can be used for Sporeggar rep.
9) Super fast respawn rate.
10) They drop lots of vendor trash and greens.
11) Town is very close by for selling and making more room.

So this place alone gives access to: Rep, Rep items, Herbs, Ores, Skins, and Greens.

If you save all the primals and sell them during the DarkMoonFaire you will make even more money.


  1. What level is this appropriate for?

  2. 60-65ish if you are looking for good experience while farming / grinding.


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