Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Future Heirlooms

Cata will introduce BoA items to new slots from guild craftables. I would start getting the rep and recipe drops to make BiS chants the new heirlooms.
Hands: +15 Agi, +16 SP, +10 Haste, +7 Str
Wrist: +15 SP, +9 Str, +9 Sta, +9 Spi
Feet: +7 Agi, +7 Sta, Minor Speed

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Found an alliance player that sold me a +30SP to wep Recipe for my chanter. Paid 8.5k for it thru the neutral AH. 8.5k is nothing, as I sold a scroll within seconds for 700g. So this recipe will pay for itself and then some. Been after it for 5 years! Yay!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Easy Neatherweave

If you are having trouble with stocking NW Cloth or just wanna make a quick buck head out to the Hellfire Peninsula side of the Dark Portal. All of the temporary mobs at the Glacial Templar summoning stone can drop NW Cloth and have a nice respawn timer, while being grouped together, for easy farming. Use an alt, get your 60mins 10% Kill XP Buff , then farm away. Bonus when your Faction Fire burns hot! Take advantage before they are gone.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eternal Orb Exchange

Just found another great benefit of being an engineer. Engineers have the easiest time controlling the Frozen Orb > Eternal Echange Market. Frozo the Orb Exchanger is located right outside the Dalaran Engineering Building, which houses the Engineer Only Auction House Access in Dalaran. Also close by are the Anvil/Forge, Mailbox, and the Heavy Borean Leather to Arctic Fur Exchanger. The close proximity of both the Exchangers and the Auction House, make this an easy spot to search for Orbs then convert them into the more higher prices Eternal flavor of the night. This can also be done swapping heavy borean leathers as well.

So you do a search and see that Frozen Orbs are at 22g, and Eternal Life is at 36g and Eternal Fire is at 38g. What do you do?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Holiday Chants

Lord Ahune drops 1 of 5 cloaks each kill and the bag has a chance to give you the new vanity pet and/or the 2h staff in addition to the 2 Extra Frost Emblems. Yes I said "and"...My shadow priest got both the new pet and the staff out of her first bag ever and shes lvl 78. I know she will be sexy as hell with the Frostscythe in shadow form. What does all this mean for us on the AH?

You better put up some cloak enchant scrolls and keep em stocked all week. Many many many people will be gearing alts with the easy iLvl232 cloaks. And with the ability to run the holiday boss over and over until you get your cloak, you bet that a lot of new purple cloaks out there on alts are gonna need enchants. But which ones?

These are what I would stock (or stock extras):

Cloak Enchants:
Shadow Armor
+22 Agi
+23 Haste

And +81 SP to Staff for those lucky enought to get the Staff.

Also keep an eye out...the first crystal guardian/summoner guy drops new BOE blues. Don't be dumb and d/e em without checking.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Call for Questions / Comments

Got a gold making idea you would like to share? Wanna make a guest post? Got a story about how you are making gold or how this blog has helped you get started? I am looking for some gold related tips/stories/testimonials for future blog entries. Thanks in advance.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Best Holiday For Leveling Alts

Make sure to take advantage of this holiday. For 10 days you can fly around and touch fires for insane XP and gold along with 1hour 10% xp buffs at the flagpoles for extra monster kill XP as well. This is the perfect time to get those alts levels before cata starts. And the in town dailies are stupid easy and reward good gold. Make sure to grab all the ore/herb nodes as you fly around and make even more gold.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why Make Gold? Re: One-Copper

Coffelord posed the question in episode 2 of the podcast, "Why do you make gold in World of Warcraft?

1) Alts, alts, and more alts - Having 10 characters that are all crafters with maxed professions, dual specs, and epic flight along with coldweather flight ain't cheap.

2) Collections - I enjoy collecting recipes and being able to craft almost anything craftable within the game. This also is not cheap.

3) Control - Controlling markets is fun. As is getting hate mail and /ignored. LOL!

4) Intellectual Stimulation - The complexities of markets that ebb and flow with so many different options and variables of what to do within each and every market and the ability to understand these markets as well as the correlating sub-markets is very intriguing to me. I rather enjoy coming up with new ways to exploit and profit to support my Factory of Alts.

If you have not checked out the one-copper podcast, give it a try. they are 2 episodes strong and improving. Seth and Coffelord would appreciate the feedback. Stop by and tell em Cold sent ya.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Heirlooms for 80-85

Old Heirlooms will not go past lvl 80. New ones are being introduced for 81-85. What does this mean? More sales of higher end BoA chants that can go on the new high level BoAs. Enchanters will have an initial rush of chant sales, once they release. Just think of how many +10 stats to chest you will sell. Cha-ching!

Glyph System Changes

The glyph system will be changing in Cataclysm. Medium Glyphs are being added, which are supposed to be more vanity types of glyphs. The current glyph system is being changed to allow swapping of glyphs you have purchased. So more individual glyph sales, with less repeat sales.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Market Resets

24 hr downtime allowed many markets to reset. Gem & glyph markets were much more profitable following the reset. Items are selling higher than normal due to the lack of volume caused by a full day of no posts & auctions expiring. If your server was NOT effected, then prepare for it. Win bids & sell high!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good time to control markets

Today was a great day to try to control some markets for part of the day. Many items were completely out after the 24hr server downtime. If someone beat you to the post, just buy em out and repost for major profits. I found a stack of Large Brills for 3.5g each, and knowing they usually go for 10 each, I bought em all and flipped for 15g each, then they all sold out within minutes. Speaking of which, Tuesday after the servers come up is a good time to try this as well.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What to do with servers down all day?

What day is better to check out some of the new links and games.

THE VIDEO GAME CLUB This is a must see!

Shakes & Fidget Browser Game Send a msg to Cold once you are in, to get a guild invite into Guild.

Join Wizard 101 and get a Free Rare Dragon Pet and bonus offer.

Play Dungeons & Dragons Online FREE FOREVER Join server:Khyber and send a message to VLANG SKULLFINDER for friend invite, and guild inv eventually.

These are the awesome games I play outside of WoW and all are FREE.
I play DDO every Tuesday, and Shakes & Fidget everyday at work.

Hope I help ya find something to do today, especially if you are like me and have your server down all day.

Monday, June 7, 2010

GBank Price Chart

10g charter & 5g per signature. Use this quick reference when purchasing pre-made guilds to convert to auctioneer storage.
Costs to create:
1 Tab: 160g
2 Tab: 410
3 Tab: 910
4 Tab: 1910
5 Tab: 4410
6 Tab: 9410

As Cata approaches ppl may be selling guilds cheap to take advantage of the upcoming guild talents.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Bored on Tuesdays?

Play Dungeons & Dragons Online FREE

Give DDO a shot. Might start an in game guild, if I get enough interest.

L2Blog @ Work

Finally just got my 100th subscriber via Google Reader.  GET AROUND WEBSENSE:
1)  Find a program online called Ultra-Surf, DL it @ home and email to yourself.  Install it at work.
2)  Create a Google Reader Account, if google access is allowed.  Then subscribe to the pages you want to view. 
3)  Find a blocked link, search for it thru google, then click the CACHE link, to see the page that way.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bags Bags Bags

Finally finished the rep grind to grab all of the 32 slot craftings bags on my tailor and my leatherworker.  Bought out all the borean and heavy borean leathers that were reasonably priced.  Posted 8 bags from the leatherworker (mining and leather bags)  and all 8 sold over night.  With tons of people levelling alts and tradeskills, this is a goldmine.  Got this tip from reading Markco's blog last month, but never took the time to level the required reps on the alts.  Now I must say it was super easy to get the rep up to were it needed to be.  If you haven't got these patterns yet, get on it.  Goldmine here.  Will be working on gather mats and posting the enchanter and Herbalist bags to add those to my sales.

PS:  Shakes & Fidget guild is going strong!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Seth's blog is now 1 year old and he is promoting the anniversary with some contests and a newly started podcast.  Congrats on the Poscasts as well as the milestone!  Stop by and check them out.