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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Found an alliance player that sold me a +30SP to wep Recipe for my chanter. Paid 8.5k for it thru the neutral AH. 8.5k is nothing, as I sold a scroll within seconds for 700g. So this recipe will pay for itself and then some. Been after it for 5 years! Yay!


  1. Jeebus. Must be one of those world rare drops eh? Grats. Five years is a long time!

  2. WoW...usually after that long I would just give up. Just like that damn time lost proto drake =P

  3. Its a rare BOE pattern drop off MC bosses.

  4. Wow, 8.5k is alot, but so is 700g for a scroll.

    I've got this recipe from the AH for 1000g and keeping the scroll on sale for 490g each, but I only sold 2 in 3 weeks with no competition.


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