Saturday, June 26, 2010

Easy Neatherweave

If you are having trouble with stocking NW Cloth or just wanna make a quick buck head out to the Hellfire Peninsula side of the Dark Portal. All of the temporary mobs at the Glacial Templar summoning stone can drop NW Cloth and have a nice respawn timer, while being grouped together, for easy farming. Use an alt, get your 60mins 10% Kill XP Buff , then farm away. Bonus when your Faction Fire burns hot! Take advantage before they are gone.


  1. I did go out there, and the guys dropped only runecloth for me. Which I could use for one alt's first aid, true... but stacks of runecloth and not a single netherweave.

  2. The low level ones drop runecloth and the higher level ones closer to the stones drop Netherweave. I personally looted a lot of NW myself so I know it works.

    If you are Horde this is also a good time to farm the ones outside of Black Fathom Deeps for easy access Wool Cloth.


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