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Looking For: Cata Beta Testers

I am not in the beta-test of cataclysm, but I am looking for someone who is that can start to help build a list of craftables that have been added / removed as quest completion requirements.  If you have this knowledge please email me so we can work on a guest post by you, or leave tidbits on this page as comments as you find them. 

So have any quests that required crafted items changed, like the Warsong quest that took Deadly Blunderbuss.  Is it still in?  Did it get removed?  Are the quest rewards changed? 

If we know the answers to questions like this, it will help us to prepare these required craftables for sale to all the new characters levelling in the new content.

So any Beta Testers that can help out, please do.
Thanks in advance!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Reader Submission:

Reader Submissions:  Send them into me and I will answer you and maybe use the question in a post.

<b>"Hi Cold,
First off I very much enjoy your writing. I found your blog via "just my two copper".

On my server I'm seeing the price of low, medium, and high level blue armor, jewelery, and weapons either take a nose dive or a slow downward spiral depending on the item.

Are these items ideal for purchasing now with the expectation of flipping after the expansion?
Will the demand for these items return or will some game mechanic (i.e. mastery) render them much less useful. Are new midlevel quest items going to suddenly start providing mastery for example?

Thanks so much!
Daniel "</b>

Blue Posts:
"The Mastery bonus that was unique to each tree will now be derived from the Mastery stat, found on high-level items, and Mastery will be a passive skill learned from class trainers around level 75."

"As characters move into the level 78+ areas in Cataclysm, they'll begin seeing items with a new stat, Mastery. Once they learn the Mastery skill from their class trainer they'll receive bonuses from the stat based on the tree they've specialized in." 
So items with Mastery will only drop in the higher level areas.

As far as the drop in BOE gear prices, I suspect its due to many players being gone this late in the expansion and not many poeple levelling these days are without BOAs.  Then the Random Dungeon Finder makes it very easy to get good gear thru dungeoning instead of predominantly relying on quests and drops for gear as you level.  For this reason I wouldn't recommend anything to buy and flip in the mid to high ranges.  I would recommend grabbing some of the lower level items to flip in Cataclysm, because then there will be in an influx of new players and more importantly (since they have gold to spend) old players returning to the game to play new characters. 

I predict just as bags and BoA Enchants will see record sales, so will the BiS levelling items that are made for low levels, such as Spider Silk Boots, Deviate Scale Belts, Barbaric Bracers, etc.  Those items that are really good and last you a long time before replacing are well worth it to the experienced player levelling a new character while spending previously earned coin.  Beyond those baseline excellent items, people should be decently geared with all the new levellers using the LFD tool, and with all the new characters and players those queues should be pretty short, thus providing easy access to blues as they level and grind dungeons.

Thanks for the questions Daniel!
Anyone else feel free to share any others ideas or recommendations.

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Using the Master Craftables List

I recently posted my compiled The Master Craftables List but how do you get good use of it?  Let's break it down.
First off anything marked DMF is a craftable turn in - accepted by the Darkmoone Faire.  These items will sell much better during the week of the Faire.  The quantity listed shows how many per turn in are required.  The higher level items will sell better because those are the ones you can get more turn ins for tickets once you cap out the cheaper turn ins.
The ones listed with a profession like:  Big Black Mace Weaponsmith x2

means this item is required for a specialization quest.  Although the point of the quests are to craft them to complete the quest, you can buy them as well and turn them in.  So you may sell some of these to crafters grinding up their skill, but if they planned properly they won't need you.
Anything listed as Horde or Alliance means, the quest is only on that faction.  So maybe try to move some of these on the neutral auction house.
Anything from this list that you can recall the associated quest, will probably sell well.  The Badlands items are a good example.  That is a chain quest that allows you to knock out a handful of quests, if you go to the questgiver with all the items.
So check it out and see if there are any craftables you can make for profit.  Also, if you are levelling a profession, make these items as you level, so you can sell your grind items, instead of just grinding to vendor.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

$$$ Golden Draenite $$$

One of my very first posts, late in last year I wrote about Yellow GoldMines. While the Autumn's Glow market has crashed on my server, the markets for Golden Draenite has gotten even more profitable as the farmers have been killed by Warden 2.0! Forget the Saronite Shuffle, its Adamantite Shuffle Time! Anytime I prospect and get a Golden Draenite its easy gold, selling for 40-45g each within hours. It's THE GEM to get. Don't foget to get your Netherstorm Bag of Jewels once per month from the camp in Nagrand.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


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Not the Mario Brothers that I remember!

Sinshroud and Markco
Ran across this picture online and I about wet my pants.  Thought I would share it with you all.  Enjoy.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Using Achievement and World Events to Get Rich


Guide to Easy Gold

Using Achievement and World Events to Get Rich


This guide has been written and tested by my main character as well as my 9 other alts. I have been playing World of Warcraft for 4+ years and continue to learn new ways to make a profit. These strategies have all been used by me and have continued to expand with the development of the in-game Achievement system. This guide is based on tried and true experience and knowledge. Please enjoy and learn from this guide, adapting it as your needs see fit. As with all easy gold making strategies that actually work, keeping the information to yourself is of vital importance. You don't want competition to arise on your server because you shared the secrets with everyone you knew.

First Things First

Most of the concepts in this guide are based on very basic economic principals: The Law of Supply and Demand. Very simply it states that The price of some good changes in relation to the supply of it and the demand for it.
Supply and demand is perhaps one of the most fundamental concepts of economics and it is the backbone of any market economy. Demand refers to how much (quantity) of a product or service is desired by buyers. The quantity demanded is the amount of a product people are willing to buy at a certain price; the relationship between price and quantity demanded is known as the demand relationship. Supply represents how much the market can offer. The quantity supplied refers to the amount of a certain good producers are willing to supply when receiving a certain price. The correlation between price and how much of a good or service is supplied to the market is known as the supply relationship. Price, therefore, is a reflection of supply and demand.
My system of making easy gold works on taking full advantage of the huge spikes in demand that occur when a World Event – Holiday begins. The race to get these Achievements and Meta-achievements completed causes a HUGE demand increase, especially for the first few days of the holiday when not many characters have completed the required achievements. The demand will always be high for these achievements as new players are added to your server daily and as old players continue to work on their Meta-achievements to get the rare dragon mount from completing all of the Holiday metas. There also are some regular non-holiday achievements that can be utilized for profit making that have a much more normalized demand level.
Example: cooking recipes. Before the achievement system, no one cared about getting all of the cooking recipes collected and learned. Now it's a requirement for the Chef title so the demand and resale value of all cooking recipes has gone vastly higher.
Your goal to making easy gold is to be the main supplier and set the prices based on the huge spikes of demand, taking full advantage on the early days of and the days leading up to the holiday. Monopolizing the market will reap even bigger profits. I will break this guide down into specific holidays, specific items that can be price-gouged, and also offer other tips for making easy gold during each holiday. The other concept that helps make this rewarding is that high level players do not want to waste their time farming materials to make these items, or taking time flying around to find / buy them. High level players are rich and will throw gold away easy because it is so much easier for them to get. One daily quest at level 80 gives over 13g and you can do 25 per day, so what is spending 20g to get their items and achievements done fast? Chump Change, but to a low level player that is a ton. I use these strategies to make easy gold even at level 80, because the time investment is minimal if you know the market. Some holidays are far more easy to make gold than others, and I will start with the most profitable, The Feast of Winter Veil (Christmas).

Winter Veil

During the Christmas holiday every year I make a super quick and easy few thousand gold with only a small requirement of work. Every Year! This works for low level players as well as high level so it can be a HUGE BENEFIT to a new low level player, stocking up thousands of gold in a few hours of farming and a few days of sales. As with all of the holidays, you want to have your items, materials, products, on the already posted on the auction house when the server rolls to the new day that starts the holiday. That means posting them the day before since auctions can last for 48 hours now. You want your products to be the first and only ones available as the achievements become available at midnight. This allows you to set the early prices and collect huge sales in your mailbox as you aren't even in the game.
During the Winter Veil Holiday, your #1 moneymaker is a very simply farmed item drop: <Small Egg>. These can be found on any swoop or owlkin type mob. Through my experiences the 2 best places to farm them are from the owlkin in Darkshore or the dragonhawks outside Silvermoon City. These mobs almost always drop them and often drop 2 at once and are very close to towns.
The <Small Egg> is required to make <Egg Nog> which is required for an achievement, as well as <Gingerbread Cookies>. The quest Treats for Greatfather Winter also reuires 5 <Gingerbread Cookies> and is available to every level character so the demand for the cookies is huge, with the demand even higher for the <Small Egg>s.
I spend a few hours farming the eggs and get hundreds of them the days before the holiday begins. As I farm them I search for them on the auction house and buy up as many as I can because they will be really cheap and I want to get them off the market to decrease the auction house supply as well as increase the demand. So I am decreasing the market supply, increasing the demand, the achievements going live explodes the demand, and I now have a huge supply of my own. At this point I pretty much have a monopoly and can set my own prices. The <Small Egg> which usually sells for a few silver on the auction house, is now being bought like crazy off the auction house at my market value of 3g each or 5g for 2. Talk about price gouging, but it works! Every year I make thousands of gold in the first few days. When some others catch on, if they price themselves way under your prices, you can just buy their eggs and mark them up. When a lot of people catch on and you don't want to waste your time on these anymore, its already 3k gold in the bank and you can sit back and laugh at the price war going on that you started and reaped huge profits as you were the monopoly for a few days. Now you can save your eggs for next year, or you can lump sum them off at a good rate to cooks that are shouting in trade selling the <Gingerbread Cookies>. You also can make and sell cookies, but I find that is the obvious profit maker and many people sell them since they require a cooking skill of only 1 and cooks even shout in trade chat so the competition is very high, which increases supply thus lowering the price. See you are learning about economics now, huh? Selling the eggs in stacks of 1 and 5 move the best.

Winter Veil is also the time for leatherworkers and tailors to get rich, as well as those supplying the materials they will be using to make endless gold. The <Green Winter Clothes>, <Red Winter Clothes>, and <Winter Boots> are needed to Complete the Winter Garb set for the Achievement. Crafting the boots can easily earn you minimum 25g each and the clothes sell anywhere from 15g to 50g with the opposing factions color reaching 150-200g each. You must visit the opposing capital city and purchase the pattern, which can result in may deaths and corpse runs, but the money you will make will be worth it. Main items that should be farmed and saved until the holiday starts are: <Wool Cloth>, <Bolt of Wool>, <Runecloth>, <Bolt of Runecloth>, <Copper Bar>, and <Rugged Leather>. You will not be able to find these on the auction house during the first week of Winter Veil. I took all my <Wool Cloth> and made <Bolt of Wool>, then posted them for 7g each bolt. I could not keep them in stock. It takes only 3 <Wool Cloth> to make a <Bolt of Wool> so you can see how much money that made me. That was just using the <Wool Cloth> I had left in my bank. This year I will be much better stocked and ready to sell them. The other tailors don't mind paying 7g for a bolt, when they are selling their <Red Winter Clothes> for over 100g! Just figure out what the boots and clothes are selling for, make some to post, then sell your mats for a huge profit too. The mailbox will continue to fill up with auction house earnings.

Argent Tournament

The Argent Tournament achievements require raising faction to exhalted with the major cities of your faction. The easiest way to do that is with 60x <Runecloth> turn-ins. This is a continous World Event, so any stacks of <Runecloth> should always be a good seller.

Lunar Festival

The <Festival Firecracker> can be bought in stacks and held onto to be sold at a later date, as the Frenzied Firecracker Achievement can be attained at any time, not just during the Lunar Festival. They also can be purchased and posted immediately to the auction house for people who don't know where to find the vendor or just want to get them quick for an alt.



Love Is In The Air

The Fistful of Love Achievement can be a tricky one to get as you must find specific race / class combinations to throw the rose petals on. If you see someone shouting for a specific combo and you own a character that fits the description, you can often message the person and they will tip you 5-10g just for logging that character in for them to shower you with rose petals. Pretty easy money, but not everyone thinks of it. I've been tipped as much as 90g for logging in and waiting for an opposing faction character to meet me in Ratchet for their achievement.
The Flirt with Disaster Achievement requires your character to be completely smashed. Problem is there are no alcohol vendors in Undercity where the Horde version takes place. So I made a ton of money selling Alcohol on the auction house for 3g per drink. Buy it for 50 silver and sell it for 3g. Takes 3-4 of the potent drinks to get completely smashed. Super easy mark-up for profits and again, not many people think of it. When you hear people shouting in trade "Where can I buy Alcohol," just shout back "Check the Auction House" regardless of what character you are on. That gets everyone in a major city thinking that they can just grab it off the auction house, thus further increasing your customers and sales.


Again this holiday, you can make easy tips by logging in the female characters that other players are looking for to put the bunny ears on to finish their achievements. I found that the 2 most rare are female orcs and female dwarves. So if you have one level 18 or higher, this can earn you some easy tips.
The only other way I can think of to make money on this event is to charge low level characters for escorting them to the deserts required to plant the flowers, as there is no way a low level can reach those zones without a bodyguard clearing the way.

Children's Week

This is the 2nd best money making holiday, especially if you are a cook that has done the cooking daily quests and earned your <Delicious Chocolate Cake> recipe. The cakes sell for 25-35g each and the materials are not hard to gather. I cannot make enough of these to keep any in stock longer than a few hours. <Small Egg> and <Mageroyal> can also be farmed and sold here, although the eggs don't sell as well as during Winter Veil, since only select high level cooks will buy them. The <Flask of Port> can sell also because it can be tricky or time consuming to find and buy off the limited vendors that sell it. <Tasty Cupcake> sells during this week also. The easy money makers here are the desserts required for the Sweet Treats Achievement, which is needed for the Meta-achievement. <Red Velvet Cupcake>, <Dalaran Doughnut>, and <Dalaran Brownie> all can be purchased in Dalaran and sold on the auction house for a huge mark up profit. You wouldn't believe the numbers of people that don't have the expansion yet and can't even get there to buy them themselves. Like always, you want to be one of the first to post these as posting earlier will make you more gold. The same Dessert Vendor in Dalaran also sells the <Lovely Cake> which can be cut into the <Lovely Cake Slice> needed for the achievement. Be careful with these because they are expensive. Only buy what you know you can sell. <Tigule and Furor's Strawberry Ice Cream> is used for not only the achievement, but for one of the orphan quests as well, so although it sells for a lot cheaper, it is a quick mover.


Nothing to make a huge profit here because the meats and beers all can be purchased right at the vendors. The hardest achievement to get is the one where you have to fall 65+ yards while completely smashed. So if you have a Paladin, you can Hand of Protection players for tips, which makes it a ton easier for them. Trust me, they will gladly pay you so they only have to try it once. Best place to jump is in Shat City, and jump off the Scryer Elevator edge down to the ground, missing the walkway. Howling Fjord is another good spot to bubble and jump off the elevator there.

Hallow's Eve

If you have a wand costume that a player is looking for you can wand them for a tip. Not much else here as everything is soulbound.


<Potion of Invisibility> sells here as players try to sneak into the opposing faction's major cities to steal the fire for the achievements.

Non Holiday Items

Engineers can make money selling the following craftable pets as people try to collect all the pets to get their little Deer pet from the achievement reward. <Lifelike Toad>, <Mechanical Squirrel>, and <Tranquil Mechanical Yeti> <Lil' Smoky> & <Pet Bombling> Another big way to make money is buy buying the pets and recipes from your faction vendors that are not available to players of the other faction. You then use the neutral auction houses to transfer the pets and recipes to a character on the opposing faction to sell for huge profits on the other faction's auction houses. You must have a friend make the purchases as you cannot sell items to your other characters, if they are of the opposing faction. So this hassle, keeps lots of players from doing it, so the demand and price is high for those wanting to get the rare pet or that Chef title.
This guide should be a big help in getting you started making a ton of gold the easy way. By buying low and selling for higher, you too can become a gold making machine. With a little practice, you will learn the ropes of this market demand selling and then be able to cross over into the auction house sale of materials, recipes, items, and a plethora of other money making strategies. I like this method because it does not take much gold to get started. Any low level character can go farm <Small Eggs> and get rich to get started. It's all about understanding those spikes in market demand.
Again thank you for your interest, good luck, and happy hunting!

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Master Craftables List

Since there are a lot of people working on the Loremaster Title, I decided to create a Master List of All Craftable Items that are used for quests.  I took out the professions specific items that are easy to make yourself to get new recipes, the EPL Writs, and Silithis Tactical Turn-Ins.  So these are items that can sell to Loremaster wanna-be's as well as to levelling alts.  DMF = Dark moon Faire turn ins, which sell during the Darkmoon Faire.  Options for expanding your business here.

Craftable Item Quest Use Quantity Single Sided?
Accurate Scope Gnomish Eng
Adamantite Frame SMV
Adamantite Frame SMV
Advanced Target Dummy Desolace
Advanced Target Dummy Gnomish Eng x2
Arcanite Bar Lok Epic Mount Quest
Arcanite Bar Pally Epic Mount Quest x6
Barbaric Harness DMF x3
Big Black Mace DMF
Big Black Mace Weaponsmith x2
Bolt of Runecloth DM- Ogre Suit x4
Bronze Tube Duskwood Alliance
Bronze Tube Rogue Quest Alliance
Coarse Weightstone DMF x10
Copper Modulator DMF x5
Cured Rugged Hide EPL x4
Dark Iron Bar EPL x3
Deadly Blunderbuss Warsong - Ashenvale Horde
Delicate Arcanite Converter Tanaris
Dense Grinding Stone DMF x8
Elemental Air Shaman Quest
Elemental Earth Shaman Quest
Elemental Fire Shaman Quest
Elemental Water Shaman Quest
Elixer of Mastery Elixir Master x5
Elixer of Minor Fortitude Stonetalon x2 Alliance
Elixer of Shadow Power Lok Quest x2
Elixir of Fortitude Feralas x2 Alliance
Elixir of Lion's Strength Alchemy x6 Alliance
Elixir of Major Agility Elixir Master x5
Elixir of Major Defense Elixir Master x5
Elixir of Minor Defense Alchemy x2 Alliance
Embossed Leather Boots DMF x3
Enchanted Leather EPL x20
Enchanted Thorium Bar EPL Alliance
Felsteel Bar SMV x2
Flask of Supreme Power Blackrock
Frost Oil DM Trap
Frost Oil Badlands
Goblin Rocket Fuel Chimaraek Chops Quest x20
Golden Rod EPL
Green Firework DMF x36
Green Iron Bracers DMF x3
Gyrochronatom Badlands
Healing Potion Badlands
Heavy Grinding Stone DMF x7
Heavy Knothide Leather SMV x4
Heavy Mithril Axe Weaponsmith x2
Hi-Explosive Bomb EPL x8
Hillman's Cloak Hillsbrad Alliance
Khorium Power Core SMV
Lesser Invisibility Potion Badlands
Major Dreamless Sleep Potion Potion Master x5
Mana Potion Uldaman Alliance
Massive Iron Axe Weaponsmith x4
Mechanical Repair Kits DMF x6
Minor Mana Potion Stonetalon x4 Alliance
Mithril Casing Un-Goro
Mithril Tube Gnomish Eng x6
Mooncloth EPL x3
Moonsteel Broadsword Weaponsmith x4
Overcharged Capacity Borean Alliance
Patterned Bronze Bracers Badlands
Primal Might Transmutation Master x4
Robes of Arcana Lok Quest
Rugged Armor Kits DMF x8
Sharp Claw BS x2
Smoked Desert Dumplings Cooking Quest x10
Steel Breastplate Armorsmith x4 Horde
Steel Plate Helm Armorsmith x4 Horde
Stonescale Oil Tanaris x10
Super Healing Potion Potion Master x5
Super Mana Potion Potion Master x5
Thorium Widget DM Trap
Thorium Widget DMF x6
Toughened Leather Armor DMF x3
Unstable Trigger EPL x8
Whirring Bronze Gizmo DMF x7