Tuesday, July 13, 2010

PvP and Tank Plate

I had read on a fellow blogger's site a while back about how they always have a full set of Savage Saronite PvP gear on the auction house.  I decide to give it a whirl as I had been somewhat wanting to cater to the emerging market of PvPers, since many people are experimenting with PvP with the expansion coming to an end.  I now always have a full set of Savage Saronite Plate (DPS PvP Resilience Gear) on the AH from Thursday thru Monday.  I often am the only seller on my server, unless there is an odd piece or two tossed up by someone levelling blacksmithing.  Therefore, I set my prices at around 180-245g per set piece.  I usually sell a full set plus more pieces over each weekend.  Once in a while someone will buy the full set or close to it, which really makes a ton of profit once you see the mats are way way way lower than my sell prices.  So if you have a blacksmith, I highly recommend this.

I then took it a step further.  I decided to supplement Monday thru Thursday with selling a full set of Tempered Saronite Plate (+Def Tanking Gear) on the AH.  Many of these pieces sell as they are quick and easy ways to get the +Def to start tanking heroics.  Since the expansion is ending soon and people are trying new options, like tanking on dual spec, these sell well also.  There is a lot more competition since the mats requirements are super low and these are very common pieces to grind up skill, but that doesn't mean its not still profitable. 

One Item I also post that sells excellently is Daunting Handguards.  These Plate Tanking Guantlets are vastly superior to the Tempered Saronite Guantlets.  Usuable at the same level (78) but a higher item level, with 31 more armor, 2 more strength, 5 more stamina, and 5 more defense.  So these are a better slot item for new tanks.  These are IMO, the most reliable to buy cheap and flip.  Many times I see these on the AH for under 25g.  I bought out 4 of em for 8g each one night, from someone just dumping what he made while grinding skill...and easily flip them over a couple of days for 99g99s99c each.  I regularly sell these guantlets for 100g, which is uber profits from an item that takes just 12 Saronite Bars & 1 Eternal Earth.

And thanks to a tip I heard from Markco on either the Call to Auction or Castaclysm podcasts, I also sell Steel Plate Helms for 25-40g each on the AH to warriors and paladins that have just hit lvl 40 and are looking to get a plate helm.  Thanks Markco!

My question to the readers is this...

Have you seen reliable sales of any other pvp gear of a different armor type?

I would like to get into selling other PvP gear over weekends only, but don't want to waste good materials on an experiment.  Im thinking maybe DPS PvP Leather may be the second best seller to Rogues & Druids.

Anyone have success with PvP Leather, Cloth, or Mail sales?  What about PvP Healing Gear?

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  1. In the last three weeks I've sold about six sets of Frostsavage Battlegear for similarly high profits.


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