Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kara Loots 4 Me

A couple of days ago I saw a request in /trade looking for more people for a Kara run. As I was hoping for a shot at the enchanting formula for Mongoose, I decided to log onto my enchanter for the shot at the formula drop. Well as a group of 8 80s and 2 77s, we destroyed Moroes rather quickly and formula dropped (it's 100% drop rate now). No one rolled against me so I won. Yay!

We continued to blow through the entire instance in less than an hour. Not only did I get the Mongoose Formula, but I also got Surefooted, Soulfire, & Soulfrost Formulas as well. Awesome! Made my first Mongoose Scroll and it sold overnight for 500g. Time to start making a Soulfire and a Soulfrost and see if I can start moving these as well. Surefooted has some low materials requirements and I can get rid of all the dang large prismatic shards that I have. Yay!

So don't forget to go along on some of those easy Achievement runs for old content. You may get some Formulas and Patterns that you can use to turn a nice profit as well.

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!!! I may not post tommorrow, as I will probably be recovering.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

DMF:Greatness - not so great lately.

I would usually move these awesome Dark Moon Faire Trinkets for 6.5k each for both +90 STR and +90 AGI. I've been trying to sell a couple now since the DMF arrived earlier this month. They are not selling at all. I have even cut my buyout cost down to 5k and still no buyers. This is undercutting others who are trying to sell the same cards, but no one is buying at the moment. Have most of the people who want this trinket already bought or made it? Maybe once the Christmas Noobs level up, they will be looking to get these trinkets, lol.

The AH market has been brutal on my server lately as it is swarmed with undercutters. So i guess I will continue on with my stockpiling phase until the bullish market returns.

Anyone else having problems unloading DMF: Greatness or Nobles Decks?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

XMas Vaction = Buyer's Market

Just as things usually sell higher during the week, they tend to sell lower on the weekends when more players are on and there is more competition on the AH. At the moment, the AH has been flooded with sellers and the overall price of many items has dropped a lot over the course of a week. Epic Cut Gems were selling easily at 275-355g each last week. Those same gems are down to under 200g each!!!

With many high school and college students on break the past week, prices have obviously taken a drop. Christmas break definately favors the buyer and not the seller. This drop in AH prices will probably improve next week as more kids return back to school, but will continue to lag a tad low until college students are back in school as well.

Because of this, I am going to slow my AH posts until mid-January or hopefully sooner, if the prices start to rebound. I will put extra effort into the markets I use for new players and new alts, like the markets for quest required items, bags, heirloom wep chants, etc. Now is the time to stock up on all the items you normally sell at a higher profit margin. Christmas Noobs are posting things for silly prices and the state of competition makes buying out those low prices items a chance to reap huge gains once the market rebounds. So I may just buy up all those Runed & Bold Epics for under 200g per, and turn around and sell them for 275-350 per next month.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Farmers = Friends

One of the ways that allows me to continue to make a good profit, is be befriending farmers. Farmer used to be a nasty word, but learn to take advantage of random farmers. This is a lot easier since the addition of Note tags for your friends list.

Next time you are at the auction house and notice the same person selling a lot of stacks of the items you are buying, try to contact them to set up a steady flow of incoming materials. After you buy them all out off the AH, send then a quick email in game, asking to skip the AH and COD the items directly to you for a price clsoe to their buyout price. You can create a win-win situation here. Not only do you save the farmer time and money, you also can get a lower price, thanks to the removal of AH fees. I usually send a quick email that says, "I will buy X item for X gold per stack. COD them to me any amount anytime." Some farmers supplying me daily. Others supply me sporadically. Either way it a big bonus for any crafter / shuffler.

This allows a smart farmer to maximize time and profits. Avoiding the AH fee, avoiding the time it takes to post on the AH, and allowing the ability to MAIL COD to remove items from bag slots. So when the farmer fills his bags he can just visit the closest mailbox, instead of a major city with an AH. Depending on the farming location, this can be a HUGE advantage.

As a bonus, sometimes you will continue to get items COD to you at pre-patch prices after the value has gone up. :)

This process is most easily done with the farmers of raw materials, such as: Ore, Bars, Cloth, Food, etc.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Yellow non Epic Gem Goldmines.

Autumn's Glow
Golden Draenite

Both of these Gems have been goldmines for me. I currently sell them Both always at a price of 35g each.

Autumn's Glow i am not sure why this is even selling so high. Only reason I can think of is Autumn's Glow transmuting to King's Amber. It is also a reagant for Sun Scope, Ruby Hare, and an Eng Helm, but I doubt many of these are a major factor in demand of this gem. Maybe people can't find the yellow cut gem they want, so they buy it for 35g and tip someone else to cut it. Must be the reason. If Anyone knows why these are valued so high then, clue me in. On my server though, the uncut versions of yellow non-epic gems sell around 25-38g. I cut a few +Def gems for 38g buyout each, but I have better luck just selling the raw material. Any ideas?

Golden Draenite sells out super fast for 25-35g each as well. These I snatch and relist for easy money, as other people must not understand their real value. Why is this one crappy gem that is prospected from Outlands Ores selling for so much? This one I know: Tailor Only Craftable Mount. So these sell in multiples of 4, for an easy 100g or more since the Flying Carpet takes 4 of these. And many tailors craft both Carpet Mounts as 2 of the 100 for the "Mountain of Mounts" Achievement. Note: The epic Carpet takes 4 Monarch Topaz instead, so check the value of these raw vs cut as well.

On a similar note, Sky Sapphire goes for very very cheap lately on the AH. I am buying out any I see below 10g. Sometimes i get 10 or more bought out at a time! Some idiots have been posting these for 5-6g each. Well, that is just easy gold for any JC. Just snatch em up and cut em all into Solid Sky Sapphire as these sell for anywhere from 18-44g lately. Just grab em up, cut em all to +30 stamina (these by far move faster than any other gem) and just flip em for easy mega profits.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Welcoming the Christmas Noobs

Christmas Noob is a term a coined a few years back after questioning PuG instance strategies and commonly getting the response, "Well, I just got the game for Christmas."

So we've seen a few trickle in early, but today is the day this afternoon's general and trade chats will be filled with Christmas Noobs logging in for the very first time. Trade and general chats will be filled with noob questions as people start to learn the game. So how do we profit from these Christmas Noobs?

With more customers also comes more potential competition, but it should be a while before any of these Christmas Noobs become major AH players, or at least attempt it. :) So many of the things to watch for with the influx of new players are:

1) AH Posts of items well under their Actual Market Values.
2) Increase sale of items new players use: low level greens, bags of all kinds, lower level enchants, mithril spurs, etc.
3) Increase sales of quest required items: Strong Troll's Blood Elixir, Deadly Blunderbuss, Robes of Arcana, etc.

You may think that these Xmas Noobs won't have any gold to add to your coffers, but many of them will know a real life friend in game that will give them a chunk of gold to get them started or buy and mail them 4 nice bags, etc. XMas Noobs who do not understand the real value of their gold will be spending it haphazardly, so be prepared to help empty their pockets and snatch up any idiotically priced AH Gems (like the Spider's Silk i bought for 6silver each last night). I <3 Xmas Noobs!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Wintergrasp Commendation
Binds to account
Item Level 1
Use: Grants you 2000 honor.

The Wintergrasp Shuffle

Here is how i do my PvP shuffle to make gold in the AH.

Run WG as often as you can because this is by far the quickest and easiest way to get a ton of honor in a short amount of time. Try not to miss any WG battles while you are online. Make sure to complete every WG weekly quest on as many characters as u can to further increase your profits.

Completing all 5 quests nets you: 18,615 Honor, 66g 15s (at lvl 80), and 50 Stone Keeper's Shards.
When your faction has control of WG Keep, visit the WG Vendor and turn in all of your SK Shards and WG Marks for Wintergrasp Commendations. Each Wintergrasp Commendation gives u 2000 Bind-on-Account Honor.

Then mail all of these BoA tokens to your Jewelcrafter. Use the honor tokens on your Jewelcrafter (since he's probably logged in your capital city anyways) and use all of your honor to purchase Epic Gems from the Jewelcrafting vendor in your faction's capital cities PvP reward shop. Sell these epic gems as raw mats or sell the cut versions for even more profit.

So u can get a Wintergrasp Commendation (2000 BoA Honor) from:
9 WG Marks of Honor (from WG Wins / Losses)
30 Stone Keeper's Shards (from WG quests and running Heroics)
and it takes just 5 Wintergrasp Commendation to convert to an epic gem.
You also can purchase the Epic Gems with the honor your earn from your battlegrounds.

Most people have a ton of Stone Keeper's Shards just sitting in their currency tab with nothing to purchase and don't even know they can flip it. Trying to by honor off of people in the form of epic gem honor conversions has led to a TON of confusion in the trade chat and from the potential sellers, in my experience so far.

Each epic Gem only costs 10k Honor. I am constantly buying these gems with honor points and making a ton of money. Much more than buying titanium at ridiculous prices to hopefully get an epic gem proc.

Good luck and happy killing.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I do not use any mods on any of my characters. I do not believe that add ons are a requirement for making gold. Sure they will make your life a lot easier, but they also can have drawbacks as well. If you don't set up your mods correctly, you can lose out on gold, if you are not careful. I personally do not trust any mods or any other site for downloads. Getting a virus or worse, a key-logger, from an add-on is not a risk I am even minimally thinking about taking. Not using downloaded add-ons guarantees that I will not have accidentally dowloaded a key-logger. It woul be horrible to log in one day and have all of gold, gear, and materials gone. Since I don't use add-ons, I don't miss using them either.

So, yes, I do manually post every single auction. This also has the benefit of allowing me to track my items that I am selling on the AH. Posting them manually helps me to understand and monitor trends in price flucuations.

Monday, December 21, 2009



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