Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I do not use any mods on any of my characters. I do not believe that add ons are a requirement for making gold. Sure they will make your life a lot easier, but they also can have drawbacks as well. If you don't set up your mods correctly, you can lose out on gold, if you are not careful. I personally do not trust any mods or any other site for downloads. Getting a virus or worse, a key-logger, from an add-on is not a risk I am even minimally thinking about taking. Not using downloaded add-ons guarantees that I will not have accidentally dowloaded a key-logger. It woul be horrible to log in one day and have all of gold, gear, and materials gone. Since I don't use add-ons, I don't miss using them either.

So, yes, I do manually post every single auction. This also has the benefit of allowing me to track my items that I am selling on the AH. Posting them manually helps me to understand and monitor trends in price flucuations.

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